Lesson From PT Mitsui Indonesia Internship Program 2010


Alhamdulillah, today is my last wonderful day intern in Mitsui Indonesia (5-16 Juli 2010). It such an amazing program. There are a lot of valuable things that I got from this program. Some of them are:

First, of course my knowledge about what Mitsui doing is increased. Second, I just experience the feel of working in an international environment. and then, there are a lot of good business value applied in Mitsui, for example, they do not sell something to a producer which will make a harm good, like stereoform for food packaging manafacturer.

In this internship, I also learn about professionalism and dicipline, especially in time. In japanese company (esp Mitsui), every worker have a clear job or responsibility, so somehow it’s very rare to see worker spend their time uselessly. japanese company also appreciate the time. For them, late is a serious matter. But at the same time when they have appoinment, they will not also come so early, so basicly, it’s really on the time or schedule.

And then, I also learn what professional mean. Professional mean that you master your field, if not yet, you will try to master it, again, and again. Professionalism also mean have an eager to contribute more, have a passion for succes and moving forward. That what i see in Mitsui, they always think how to develop their business.

Mitsui (especially the president director, Mr Nakaminato), teach me that a good business plan have to include the visibility, Meanings, and also Risk analysis.

About the corporate values, Mitsui really regards their employee as their main asset. Mistui has four main value: creativity, personal magnification, communication skill, and challeging spirit.

One think that I also always remember that we have to let our mind think freely, do not limit so early so that our mind can produce good idea. don;t judge so early that something is impossible. The fact shows that, many, or even every think is possible.

Lastly, in Mitsui, I find so many interesting and somehow unique people. from mitsui employee, there are Mr Katsunishi, Ms Dian, Mr Kresna, Mr Enomoto, and Mr Nakaminato. Besides that, i got 10 new freind, 2 from UI (David and Agnes), 4 from ITB (Gema, Asni, Hendra, Kharis), and 4 from unpad (Arini, Erfina, Rizal, and kirana).

Allah, give your blesses in my every activity. Love you Allah.

Rully Prassetya
Faculty of Economic UNiversity of Indonesia

David Eccles School of Business
University of Utah, USA