Several Last Day of Ramadhan

Today is the last two days of ramadhan. I don’t know why, but I just feel so sad. I feel something worth will leave me. If I take a look into my ramadhan this year, maybe it is the worst ramadhan that I ever had. I feel so unsatisfied with what I have done. Now, I only can regret my self, hoping next year I can meet it again and can maximize it’s present.

I remember Rasulullah said that who met ramadhan but when ramadhan passed his sins still not forgiven then he really a poor guy. I’m afraid that I’m included in that group. Allah, thank you for letting me meet ramadhan this year. Thank you for every great things that you have given me. Your love is unlimited and uncounted to me. I am ashamed to you Allah. How can I still live and step on your earth, but I  don’t put you on top of my mind every second. Forgive me Allah. I’ll try to be a great muslim from now on. Forgive me Allah.

Rully Prassetya

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