Sir Richard Branson

I just watched an inspiring program at metrotv, it’s called face to face with desi anwar. In this month episode, she talked to sir richard branson, a millioner entrepreneur from UK. here is the link:, and here are several lesson that I got from him.

1. Don’t ever say no to your self. If the other said that you can’t do it, then just try to do and prove that you can do it. If eventually you can’t, then pick a lesson why it is.

2. He said that his succes because of the people around him. He feel that a lot of amazing and great people surrounded him. It’s the thing that he really grateful about. He loves people, he like to meet with people, he like to talk with people, he also a good listener.

3. He said that he never disappointed at all in his life. He really enjoy his life and always take lesson from everything that he experienced.

4. He said that he never angry. He stress that why we have to angry? Because angry is not productive and very bad.

5. He also an adventurous person. He really like challenges and he will try to surround him self with people who also like challenges. He see a lot of hope in this world.

6. The key for his succes is he always try to make others life becomes better. He always try to create something that valuable for the other. If he saw something needed to be fix then, usually, he will enter that business and gives the best or improved version to his customer. The best example for this is  virgin atlantic, an airline who can beat british airways.

the last one, his leadership skill. He said, leadership is the ability to assign a responsibility to others, giving them the trust, and appreciate them. It what makes other flourished.

That’s all what I get from richard, I’ll also try to be person with a lot of optimism and always happy as well as never feel disappointed to others. He really inspire me.

Everything Seems to be Complicated,,,

I just watched several Aljazeera program about army forces and wiki leaks secret file about Iraq war. It’s really complicated. The interests and motives of each party. Arrogance also become another source of conflict. Every country conceal their vested interest. Perhaps I can’t say country, because sometimes it’s only a matter of somebody. I am still thinking what I could do towards these confusing facts.

Exciting Days,,

The last few days is really unforgetable for me. Last night I went to Castle of Chaos, it’s a kind of haunted house. Although it’s not really scary, but I really like it. Second, last two night is the second most beautiful night in my life (I can’t tell you the #1). At that night, the snow fell very heavily. Many student came out from their dorm. We play together under the snowy field. We made snow ball, snow man, throwing snow each onther, I make snow angel, a lot more fun. That night, I really thanks to Allah who had given me opportunity to felt it. on the last friday night, I also went to a party at union building, the crimson night halloween party, a really amazing party.

Heart Whispers

I just watched one of the kick andy program at (, The name for the latest edition is Asa di antara Air Mata (Hope in the mids of Tears). Several thing came up to my mind:

1. They (both of the parents) remind me to close my self to Allah again. I am so amazed with how they accept everything that Allah decided for them. I really pray that Allah give Jannah (heaven) for them. This show also remind me and all of us, that the love of our parent (moreover mother) is unlimited, indefinite. They will love their children however their condition is. I think it’s why Prophet Muhammad said that Parent is the one that we have to obey after Allah.

2. This story make me so regret why I spent most of my time uselessly. It can’t be like this anymore. Even right now, I don’t think that I have contributed anything to Indonesia and its citizen. I think that I’m still far away to be called someone who benefitful for the society. From now on, I’ll try to be a benefitful person whereever I am, wheneever it is, and how small it is. What else more worth than being someone benefitful for the society.

3. I hope the social department of Indonesian Government really worked hard to help help-need citizen. If not yet, I’ll try stress it later when I’m in the government. I think, one of the big problem in Indonesia is in its planning, executing, and evaluating stage. Mainly in planning and evaluating stage. Allah, bukakanlah mata hati para pemimpin kami ya Allah. Ingatkanlah mereka bahwa tugas mereka adalah sebagai pelayan masyarakat. Selalu berusaha untuk mensejahterakan rakyatnya. Menjadi orang yang menikmati berbagai macam kenikmatan setelah seluruh rakyatnya merasakan hal tersebut.

Allah, hamba sangat bahagia, Engkau mengizinkan SBY menjadi presiden kami. Allah, kuatkanlah ia beserta seluruh jajarannya untuk memajukan bangsa ini. Allah, kuatkanlah juga seluruh bangsa indonesia agar menjadi bangsa yang produktif dan mampu memberi nilai tambah. Alah, jadikan lah hamba orang yang bisa memberi nilai tambah yang besar bagi masyarakat. Bagi Indonesia dan bagi Dunia. Allah, kuatkanlah kami,,, Amiin.

Reflection From Crimson Night Halloween Party

American teeenager is really different with asian teenanger, at least teenager in Indonesia and Malaysia. For most of them, thing that they really like is party and dance!!! No thing else, and drinking of course. I’m not really sure whether they want or can thinking in long time,,, it’s really worth for me, I can understand and experience the things that they want and like. Hang out, sensual dance, are thing that they really want. The positive thing that I saw from them is they really appreciate the liberalism, everybody is supported to do what ever that they want, they can be what ever that they want without feel hesetitate to exprese it. Well, somehow I really like them, the way they apppreciate others,,, Indonesia have to take example from them in this area,,, The freedom and creativity,, I think that’s the positive thing about US. But I predict US can’t stand on its superpower status forever, US will be caught by other country who really teach their generation very well, with ethic and values. I just remember what syeikh yusuf qardhawy (a prominent scholar from Eigypt) said, the future winner is not determined by the current power, but by the quality. Although some entity don’t have the power right now, but they have such sophisticated system or quality, then they will win someday. They will beat the current entity who has the power.

What We Can Learn from American Education System

The writing below is based my experience and observation in Univeristy of Utah. I can say that this univeristy really has a good education quality. Here are several lesson that I got from this univeristy.

First, I would say, that Indonesia, mainly my campus Faculty of Economic University of Indonesia, is not so far behind the School of Business University of Utah. Even in term of the material being taught, FE UI is better and harder than Utah. The text books being used in FE UI and Utah also not really different in term of quality. One thing that obviously becomes the strenghth of FE UI is the homework. Ya, in FE UI there are a lot of home works as well as exercises, something that’s hardly can be found in Utah. It makes FE UI student better than Utah. Practice makes better.

Second, We have to learn from Utah in term of facility provided for student. Here, we easily can pick up international based or national based well known newspaper like financial times, new york times, USA today, etc freely. The program is called collegiate readership program. It’s really useful, I think FE UI or UI also have to try it, we can make partnership with the news paper publisher.

Third, University of Utah really has sophisticated way of assestment. Most of the assestment conducted on line with an advanced technology. With this assestment system, the Professor can be provided with a very benefitful information about their students. The Professor not only can know their class score average, but also, the average time that student spent on the test even on each question, the average score for each question, etc. With this technology, the Professor can know which part that he has to stress more or repeat in the class. Besides that, the student also supplied with their grade trend and other useful information.

Fourth, The Professor in this univeristy really put their attention fully on the class, at least that what I can see. The professor has their office hour and can be easily contacted. very different with our professor who even really skip the class oftenly. During my time here, I never see any professor cancel their class. In FE UI, even the sometimes, the Professor don’t know that they have to teach that semester because the Biro Pendidikan in Dekanat don’t contact him yet. What a mess!

Fifth, The Univeristy of Utah also has sophisticated amount of books as well as really really advanced library system, at least compared to our home library. The facility also unbelieveable great. We really has to work harder to catch them up.

Sixth, There are a lot of seminar and discussion in the university. Every day, there can be around 5 different seminar, forum, public lecture, show, etc being held on campus. It really makes the campus so lively. Besides that, the topic discussed also comes around the real life topic, like election, environmental problem, education result, etc. It makes the student really close to the real life and real application of their knowledge.

Finally, I really can’t say anything, if FE UI or UI, the best university in Indonesia, really left far behind from foreign education institution, how about our other education institutions? It’s really our big big problem which need to be solved soon.

J William Fulbright (1905-1995), a former US Senator, who conduct an exchange and scholarship program which still continue until now, said “Education is a key, which can change everything” Hopefully, we can put more attention to our education quality.




I just read a great book, entitled The Art of Public Strategy by Geoff Mulgan, He is a former chief strategist in prime minister office of UK. I found interresting and -I think- important thing in framework for adaptive strategy chapter. He said, there are severals step needed to formulate a sound strategy. Mainly it is a strategy for a government policy. But I’ll try to apply it for my life, especially related with my future work, at Indonesia Ministry of Finance. Here are the steps:

1. Why?-Understanding the purposes and priorities. I have to understand why I want to work at depkeu, what are the things or the changes that I want to bring there.

2. What’s there?-Understanding Environment, Context, and Capacities. The next step is I have to understand the depkeu environtment. I have to know the culture as well as the working environment.

3. What power and knowledge can be brought to bear? It is a really important step. After knowing the existing condition in depkeu, I have to know what are the preparation that I have to have. What are the capacities that I have to have before entering the fighting field.

4. What possible future? It is a description about what are the possibility ending condition can be in depkeu after I join them. It can be in term of quality or physical condition. The author said, this possible future can be forecasted, scenarioed, simulationed, etc.

5. What cause what?-Mapping the system. The important thing that we have to do is understanding the environment deeper. Knowing the existing system.

6. Where: Setting direction and Strategic goals. Kind of most important step. We have set up the strategic goals.

7. How?-Policies and Action. The startegies to achive the goals.

8. Sequencing. A change can be categorized succesful if there is a sequencing, if there is a system who keep it run.

9. Financing Strategies. Actually it’s not really relevant fro me. IT is the step for government policies. Government have to think about how to finance their policy implementation.

10. Appetite of change: the change margin. Sometimes, the good thing not always can be a suitable thing. Sometimes the change margin is so low that we can’t make a greater change. But I’ll always try to make the ideal condition can be achieved without any adjustment which only lowering the ending quality.

11. Implementation. The end, but the determiner. The analysis, plans, and strategies is nothing without implementation.

As I mentioned before, above, all of this steps can be (or originally) to be applied in formulating public policy by the government.

Alhamdllah,, and Bismillah,, Allah, please always strengthen me,,,


Several Figures Which Inspire Me

I make this list because of their achievement in such a young age. They really inspire me to do better, to be better,,

1. Yousef Gamal El-Din. I am really inspired by him. In his 22 age (really young), he already earn a master degree from american university in cairo. Now (25 years old) he is a prominent anchor in CNBC. He can speak english, arabic, french, and also germany.

2. Lee Hsien Loong. He is the current singapore prime minister. He also the son of lee kwan yew. He graduated from cambridge university and also harvard. in his 32 years old, he became parliament member in singapore. When he 38 years old, he became deputy prime minister of singapore. 11 years later (49 years old), he became ministry of finance. And in his 52, he became singapore prime minister until now.

3. Timothy Marbun. He was born in Lhoksumawe. He really fluent in english. Now he serve as anchor in metro tv, delivering the indonesia this morning program, Now he is 28 years old. He start become anchor in metro tv, appear in tv since his 25.

4. Anggito Abimanyu. He graduate from UGM when he was 22 years old. 5 years later, he already get his master from Pennsylvania university. Three years later he receive his PhD from the same university. I am so surprised because he can admitted to pennsylvania university even got his PhD there. He really such a smart person. After graduate from master, he work part time with world bank until he got his PhD. After that, he directly become direktur hubungan antar university UGM for 2 years. 6 years later, he become kepala analisa fiskal depkeu. and in his 43, he serve as kepala Badan Kebijakan Fiskal depkeu. What a nice life track record.

I am so inspired with them all. I’ll try to be a great person too. But of course, kedekatan hati dengan Allah (religiosity) is the ultimate thing.

Pagi yang Indah di Salt Lake City

Aku merasakan betapa besar nikmat Allah pada ku. Pagi ini pun merupakan salah satu nikmat terbesar yang Ia anugerahkan kepada Ku. Allah memberiku kehidupan, Allah memberiku kesempatan untuk menjalankan peranku sebagai Khalifah di muka bumi. Allah, jadikan lah hati dan pikiranku bersih suci sebagaimana bersih dan sucinya pagi ini. Allah, terima kasih atas segala nikmat yang Engkau beri padaku. Allah, aku akan berusaha agar pagi ini, hari ini, dan hari esok akan sangat bermakna serta bermanfaat. Terima kasih, Allah,,

Suatu Pagi di Salt Lake City

Harus Terus Maju,,


Allah adalah segalanya bagiku. Aku merasa sangat malu kepada Allah. Ia begitu sayang kepada ku. Apa yang aku minta, Ia akan memberikan yang terbaik bagi ku. Aku malu pada Allah, malu akan segala nikmat yang telah Ia berikan pada ku. Allah tak pernah lupa kepada ku, Ia selalu melindungiku, Ia selalu menjaga ku, Ia selalu membimbingku. Allah, jadikanlah aku hamba yang selalu ingat, bersyukur, dan beribadah kepada Mu. Allah, kuatkanlah aku ya Allah. Allah, kuatkanlah aku.

Allah, Engkau tahu, dalam hati sanubariku, betapa ingin aku menjadi orang yang sangat bermanfaat bagi seluruh manusia. Engkau tahu, betapa rindunya aku pada pemerintahan yang menegakkan syariatMu, yang membawa pada kesejahteraan bagi seluruh umat manusia. Allah, kuatkan lah aku, bantu dan bimbinglah aku agar diri ku memiliki kapasitas tersebut. Allah, La Haula Wa La Quwwata Illa Billah ‘Aliyul ‘Azim. Hasbiyallah, La Ilaha Illahu, ‘Alaihi Tawakkaltu wa ilaihinnushur,,

Allah, bantulah aku,,

QS An Naml: 59-66

59. Katakanlah, “Segala puji bagi Allah dan kesejahteraan atas hamba-hambaNya yang dipilihNya. Apakah Allah yang lebih baik, ataukah apa yang mereka persekutukan dengan Dia?”

60. Atau siapakah yang menciptakan langit dan bumi dan yang menurunkan air bagimu dari langit, lalu Kami tumbuhkan dengan air itukebun-kebun yang berpemandangan indah, yang kamu sekali-kali tidak mampu menumbuhkan pohon-pohonnya? Apakah di samping Allah ada tuhan (yang lain)? Bahkan (sebenarnya) mereka adalah orang-orang yang menyimpang (dari kebenaran).

61. Atau siapaka ]h yang menjadikan bumi sebagai tempat berdiam, dan yang menjadikan sungai-sungai di celah-celahnya, dan yang menjadikan gunung-gunung untuk (mengukuhkan)nya, dan menjadikan pemisah antara dua laut? Apakah di samping Allah ada tuhan (yang lain)? Bahkan (sebenarnya) kebanyakan dari mereka tidak mengetahui.

62. Atau siapakah yang memperkenankan (doa) orang yang berada dalam kesulitan apa bila ia berdo’a kepadaNya. dan yang menghilangkan kesusahan dan yang menjadikan kamu (manusia) sebagai khalifah di muka bumi? Apakah di samping Allah ada tuhan (yang lain)? Amat sedikitlah kamu mengingati (-Nya).

63. Atau siapakah yang memimpin kamu dalam kegelapan di daratan dan di lautan dan siapa (pula)kah yang mendatangkan angin sebagai kabar gembira sebelum (kedatangan) rahmatNya? Apakah di samping Allah ada tuhan(yang lain)? Maha tinggi ALlah terhadap apa yang mereka persekutukan (denganNya).

64. Atau siapakah yang menciptakan (manusia dari permulaannya), kemudian mengulanginya (lagi), dan siapa (pula) yang memberikan rezki kepadamu dari langit dan bumi? Apakah di samping Allah ada tuhan (yang lain)? Katakanlah, “Tunjukkanlah bukti kebenaranmu, jika kamu memang orang yang benar”.

65. Katakanlah, “Tidak ada seorangpun di langit dan di bumi yang mengetahui perkara yang gaib, kecuali Allah”, dan mereka tidak mengetahui bila mereka akan dibangkitkan.

66. Sebenarnya pengetahuan mereka tentang akhirat tidak sampai (ke sana) malahan mereka ragu-ragu tentang akhirat itu, lebih-lebih lagi mereka buta dari padanya.




Siang yang indah di Salt Lake City,,

Rully Prassetya

David Eccles School of Business University of Utah

Try, Try, and Always Try

There is a miracle, when you believe, try it, don’t ever give up, try it again, and don’t give up,,

Until one time, Allah will help you and realize all of your hopes and pray. Try it, and don’t give up. There is a miracle, when you believe.

Rully, don’t ever give up, Allah know that you want make a change in your country, a change in your world. It seems impossible. However, Rully, there is a miracle, when you believe.

Allah the almighty, has the ultimate power in this world. What ever his command is, no body can stop it. Try, try, try again, and never give up,,until the miracle comes,,

Innallaha ma’akum,,