Several Figures Which Inspire Me

I make this list because of their achievement in such a young age. They really inspire me to do better, to be better,,

1. Yousef Gamal El-Din. I am really inspired by him. In his 22 age (really young), he already earn a master degree from american university in cairo. Now (25 years old) he is a prominent anchor in CNBC. He can speak english, arabic, french, and also germany.

2. Lee Hsien Loong. He is the current singapore prime minister. He also the son of lee kwan yew. He graduated from cambridge university and also harvard. in his 32 years old, he became parliament member in singapore. When he 38 years old, he became deputy prime minister of singapore. 11 years later (49 years old), he became ministry of finance. And in his 52, he became singapore prime minister until now.

3. Timothy Marbun. He was born in Lhoksumawe. He really fluent in english. Now he serve as anchor in metro tv, delivering the indonesia this morning program, Now he is 28 years old. He start become anchor in metro tv, appear in tv since his 25.

4. Anggito Abimanyu. He graduate from UGM when he was 22 years old. 5 years later, he already get his master from Pennsylvania university. Three years later he receive his PhD from the same university. I am so surprised because he can admitted to pennsylvania university even got his PhD there. He really such a smart person. After graduate from master, he work part time with world bank until he got his PhD. After that, he directly become direktur hubungan antar university UGM for 2 years. 6 years later, he become kepala analisa fiskal depkeu. and in his 43, he serve as kepala Badan Kebijakan Fiskal depkeu. What a nice life track record.

I am so inspired with them all. I’ll try to be a great person too. But of course, kedekatan hati dengan Allah (religiosity) is the ultimate thing.

4 thoughts on “Several Figures Which Inspire Me

  1. Semangat Terus Bro ! :),
    ane yakin nt bisa li, just do it, &see what happen, as u said to me(lumayan sering,jd terngiang ^_^”), “..bekerja sajalah kamu.,biar lah Allah dan Rasulnya yang menilai..” [Alquran]. Jadi inget sesuatu, “..terus bergerak hingga kaki ini benar2 telak menapak diJannah Nya..”
    Tolong doain ane jg li, smg bs menjadi World Class Muslim Entrepreneur ^_^ yang bisa memberikan manfaat yang banyak (kyk kampus2 sekarang aja, world class University.,hehe). See u in Lq :D, insyaAllah. Amin (nt disana liqo ga li?, ikut tandzim internasional misalnya ^^)

    • Mksh Am, Amiin,,senengnya bisa ketemu ente lagi,,;p,, Semoga Allah selalu menguatkan dan menjaga semangat kita,, ga liqo Am, tanggung, bentar lg juga udah pulang insyaallah,, see you soon,, smg selalu dijaga Allah,,:-)

      Warm regards,

  2. I do not disagree. Successful people from all walks of life, culture, and language are continues doers and actioners. In addition to that, successful people are innovators, inventors who come up with ideas that can be put to the test and eventually launch products in the market for others to purchase and/or tandemly provide services for others to use; however, the most successful of all is the one who can climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest ocean or fathom the immeasurable.

    Success is a gift with love from the divine.

    Best wishes for much success!

    • Thank you so much for your comment, really motivates me, thank you so much.
      Let’s be the one who can climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest ocean. Best wish for your succes too.

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