I just read a great book, entitled The Art of Public Strategy by Geoff Mulgan, He is a former chief strategist in prime minister office of UK. I found interresting and -I think- important thing in framework for adaptive strategy chapter. He said, there are severals step needed to formulate a sound strategy. Mainly it is a strategy for a government policy. But I’ll try to apply it for my life, especially related with my future work, at Indonesia Ministry of Finance. Here are the steps:

1. Why?-Understanding the purposes and priorities. I have to understand why I want to work at depkeu, what are the things or the changes that I want to bring there.

2. What’s there?-Understanding Environment, Context, and Capacities. The next step is I have to understand the depkeu environtment. I have to know the culture as well as the working environment.

3. What power and knowledge can be brought to bear? It is a really important step. After knowing the existing condition in depkeu, I have to know what are the preparation that I have to have. What are the capacities that I have to have before entering the fighting field.

4. What possible future? It is a description about what are the possibility ending condition can be in depkeu after I join them. It can be in term of quality or physical condition. The author said, this possible future can be forecasted, scenarioed, simulationed, etc.

5. What cause what?-Mapping the system. The important thing that we have to do is understanding the environment deeper. Knowing the existing system.

6. Where: Setting direction and Strategic goals. Kind of most important step. We have set up the strategic goals.

7. How?-Policies and Action. The startegies to achive the goals.

8. Sequencing. A change can be categorized succesful if there is a sequencing, if there is a system who keep it run.

9. Financing Strategies. Actually it’s not really relevant fro me. IT is the step for government policies. Government have to think about how to finance their policy implementation.

10. Appetite of change: the change margin. Sometimes, the good thing not always can be a suitable thing. Sometimes the change margin is so low that we can’t make a greater change. But I’ll always try to make the ideal condition can be achieved without any adjustment which only lowering the ending quality.

11. Implementation. The end, but the determiner. The analysis, plans, and strategies is nothing without implementation.

As I mentioned before, above, all of this steps can be (or originally) to be applied in formulating public policy by the government.

Alhamdllah,, and Bismillah,, Allah, please always strengthen me,,,


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