What We Can Learn from American Education System

The writing below is based my experience and observation in Univeristy of Utah. I can say that this univeristy really has a good education quality. Here are several lesson that I got from this univeristy.

First, I would say, that Indonesia, mainly my campus Faculty of Economic University of Indonesia, is not so far behind the School of Business University of Utah. Even in term of the material being taught, FE UI is better and harder than Utah. The text books being used in FE UI and Utah also not really different in term of quality. One thing that obviously becomes the strenghth of FE UI is the homework. Ya, in FE UI there are a lot of home works as well as exercises, something that’s hardly can be found in Utah. It makes FE UI student better than Utah. Practice makes better.

Second, We have to learn from Utah in term of facility provided for student. Here, we easily can pick up international based or national based well known newspaper like financial times, new york times, USA today, etc freely. The program is called collegiate readership program. It’s really useful, I think FE UI or UI also have to try it, we can make partnership with the news paper publisher.

Third, University of Utah really has sophisticated way of assestment. Most of the assestment conducted on line with an advanced technology. With this assestment system, the Professor can be provided with a very benefitful information about their students. The Professor not only can know their class score average, but also, the average time that student spent on the test even on each question, the average score for each question, etc. With this technology, the Professor can know which part that he has to stress more or repeat in the class. Besides that, the student also supplied with their grade trend and other useful information.

Fourth, The Professor in this univeristy really put their attention fully on the class, at least that what I can see. The professor has their office hour and can be easily contacted. very different with our professor who even really skip the class oftenly. During my time here, I never see any professor cancel their class. In FE UI, even the sometimes, the Professor don’t know that they have to teach that semester because the Biro Pendidikan in Dekanat don’t contact him yet. What a mess!

Fifth, The Univeristy of Utah also has sophisticated amount of books as well as really really advanced library system, at least compared to our home library. The facility also unbelieveable great. We really has to work harder to catch them up.

Sixth, There are a lot of seminar and discussion in the university. Every day, there can be around 5 different seminar, forum, public lecture, show, etc being held on campus. It really makes the campus so lively. Besides that, the topic discussed also comes around the real life topic, like election, environmental problem, education result, etc. It makes the student really close to the real life and real application of their knowledge.

Finally, I really can’t say anything, if FE UI or UI, the best university in Indonesia, really left far behind from foreign education institution, how about our other education institutions? It’s really our big big problem which need to be solved soon.

J William Fulbright (1905-1995), a former US Senator, who conduct an exchange and scholarship program which still continue until now, said “Education is a key, which can change everything” Hopefully, we can put more attention to our education quality.


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