Heart Whispers

I just watched one of the kick andy program at metrotvnews.com (http://www.metrotvnews.com/metromain/newsprograms/2010/10/22/7276/190/Asa-Diantara-Air-Mata), The name for the latest edition is Asa di antara Air Mata (Hope in the mids of Tears). Several thing came up to my mind:

1. They (both of the parents) remind me to close my self to Allah again. I am so amazed with how they accept everything that Allah decided for them. I really pray that Allah give Jannah (heaven) for them. This show also remind me and all of us, that the love of our parent (moreover mother) is unlimited, indefinite. They will love their children however their condition is. I think it’s why Prophet Muhammad said that Parent is the one that we have to obey after Allah.

2. This story make me so regret why I spent most of my time uselessly. It can’t be like this anymore. Even right now, I don’t think that I have contributed anything to Indonesia and its citizen. I think that I’m still far away to be called someone who benefitful for the society. From now on, I’ll try to be a benefitful person whereever I am, wheneever it is, and how small it is. What else more worth than being someone benefitful for the society.

3. I hope the social department of Indonesian Government really worked hard to help help-need citizen. If not yet, I’ll try stress it later when I’m in the government. I think, one of the big problem in Indonesia is in its planning, executing, and evaluating stage. Mainly in planning and evaluating stage. Allah, bukakanlah mata hati para pemimpin kami ya Allah. Ingatkanlah mereka bahwa tugas mereka adalah sebagai pelayan masyarakat. Selalu berusaha untuk mensejahterakan rakyatnya. Menjadi orang yang menikmati berbagai macam kenikmatan setelah seluruh rakyatnya merasakan hal tersebut.

Allah, hamba sangat bahagia, Engkau mengizinkan SBY menjadi presiden kami. Allah, kuatkanlah ia beserta seluruh jajarannya untuk memajukan bangsa ini. Allah, kuatkanlah juga seluruh bangsa indonesia agar menjadi bangsa yang produktif dan mampu memberi nilai tambah. Alah, jadikan lah hamba orang yang bisa memberi nilai tambah yang besar bagi masyarakat. Bagi Indonesia dan bagi Dunia. Allah, kuatkanlah kami,,, Amiin.

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