Reflection From Crimson Night Halloween Party

American teeenager is really different with asian teenanger, at least teenager in Indonesia and Malaysia. For most of them, thing that they really like is party and dance!!! No thing else, and drinking of course. I’m not really sure whether they want or can thinking in long time,,, it’s really worth for me, I can understand and experience the things that they want and like. Hang out, sensual dance, are thing that they really want. The positive thing that I saw from them is they really appreciate the liberalism, everybody is supported to do what ever that they want, they can be what ever that they want without feel hesetitate to exprese it. Well, somehow I really like them, the way they apppreciate others,,, Indonesia have to take example from them in this area,,, The freedom and creativity,, I think that’s the positive thing about US. But I predict US can’t stand on its superpower status forever, US will be caught by other country who really teach their generation very well, with ethic and values. I just remember what syeikh yusuf qardhawy (a prominent scholar from Eigypt) said, the future winner is not determined by the current power, but by the quality. Although some entity don’t have the power right now, but they have such sophisticated system or quality, then they will win someday. They will beat the current entity who has the power.

2 thoughts on “Reflection From Crimson Night Halloween Party

  1. I came to your blog through your post about an extra ticket for byu game. So I appreciate your views because I have never known an Indonesian person face to face. Your thoughts about Americans are fairly true and we also are concerned about young people. I have an essay “American Spirit” that I will have to find and send to you.
    later, mark

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