Ya Rabb

Allah, berikanlah keberkahan pada umur kami. Allah berikanlah hikmah pada kami ya Allah, jadikan lah kami hambamu yang bisa melihat hikmah atas segala peristiwa yang terjadi ya Allah.

Allah, cerdaskan lah kami secerdas-cerdasnya ya Allah, berikanlah kemampuan kepada kami untuk bisa menganalisa dan mengahapal dengan baik.

Wahai Allah, berikanlah cahaya atas diri kami. Berikanlah cahaya pada hati kami, pada penglihatan kami, pendengaran kami, pada lidah kami, ucapan kami, tangan kami, kaki kami, di depan, di belakang, atas, bawah,, jadikan lah kami cahaya ya Allah.

Ya Allah, kuatkanlah kami ya Allah, jadikan lah kami orang yang bisa menghantarkan hidayah pada orang-orang di sekitar kami. Allah, cerdaskan dan kuatkanlah kami, jadikanlah kami orang yang bisa menyeka air mata orang yang terzalimi oleh penguasa kami. Wahai Allah, tunjukilah pemimpin kami, dan jadikanlah kami bangsa yang kuat wahai Allah.

Allah, bantulah para mujahid kami, jagalah keikhlasan mereka wahai Allah. Allah, sayangilah kedua orang tua kami, lindungilah mereka wahai Allah, berikanlah keberkahan pada setiap tarikan nafas dan denyut nadi mereka. Allah, jadikan lah kami penghuni surgaMu.

Ya Rabbana, lakal hamdu kama yanbagi lii jalali wajhika wa’azimu sulthanik. Ya Allah, ya Rahman, ya Rahim, Ya ‘Aziz, Ya Jabbar.

Allah, kami adalah makhluk yang lemah, bimbinglah kami ya Allah, mudahkan lah bagi kami untuk menghapal al-qur’an, mudahkanlah bagi kami untuk bangun shalat tahjjud, mudahkanlah kami untuk senantiasa menangis dihadapanMu wahai Allah. Kuatkanlah kami menghadapi godaan syetan yang tiada henti mnjerumuskan kami.

Ya Rabba lakalhamd,,

Poetry for My Country

You are one of the most beautiful creature of Allah-But now, look what we’ve done to you-your face has been destroyed by a lot of greedy people-From natural resources bribery, until a bad government governance-Sometimes I feel hopeless about this fact-To much hypocracy here-Tears even not enough anymore-My country-I promise my self to be a highly capable person-My country-I’ll try my best to protect you-My country-I’ll try my best to protect you, forever.

Salt Lake City, after watching Mata Najwa Ed Nov 24 2010

The Importance of Human Capital and Good Government Governance

It is one of my favorite book, not only because it’s really close to my research interest, but this book also give a vivid description of good government governance correlation with economic development. The title is From Poverty to Prosperity by Arnold Kling and Nick Schulz.

Many people stuck with the view that to have a really good economic development, the most important thing needed is a huge amount of natural resources. But, that’s not the case for this book, the authors elaborate really well how human capital (creativity and innovation) as well as good government governnance are the things that matter most.

This thoght in line with what President Yudhoyono adress around 2 weeks ago in a limited cabinet meeting directly after the G20 and APEC summit earlier this month. He adreessed that China, South Korea, and Japan are really developed rapidly because of their hard work and human capital quality. He really stressed that human capital is the most importatnt.

Human Capital

What I we mean by human capital here are the creativity and innovation maker ability. It is really related with the ability to master the technology. That’s why, educationa and knowledge are something highly very important.

In this case, I think indonesia already in the right move, with 20% budget for education, it’s really show that now we put education as an important thing. Is that enough? Nope. When I’m in the student exchange program at Univeristy of Utah, I met with three malaysian student. The most interesting thing is that their study here is finance indirectly by the government. Malaysian government made a partnership with the local company in malaysia. The local company will give money which will be administered by the government to finance the study of many malaysian student abroad.

Many of them go to USA, Europe, and India. They select the highly capable student and the send them abroad. After completeing their study, those student will apply their knowledge for malaysian sake, whether it through malaysian local company or others.

This kind of program, although look really simple is really amaze me. I never hear this kind of program in Indonesia. This program is really a big investment in human capital. I am firmly believe that Indonesian stedents are as capable as student from developed nations, even much more better, what they lack of are the opportunities and informations. I am really hope the govenment can take this example as the consideration.

Good Government Governance

This factor is one of the most important factor. The budget, the development of a country, really highly depended on how well the government govern or manage that country. A highly capable leader and respected by its citizen is the key. It is exactly what Allah said in Qur’an. without a capable leader, prosperity is only a dream. That’s why, we need a really capable government officer and leader in this country.

Wish Allah strenghten us to achieve it. Allah, help us, we love you.

Salt Lake City, Nov 23rd 2010

Monitoring and Evaluating System in Government

The writing below are my reflection after reading a world bank book or report entitled How to Build M&E Systems to Support Better Government by Keith Mackay.

Monitoring and Evaluating system is an indispensable part of finance in a country. A good planning will be worthless if there is no good monitoring and evaluating system. Several criteria that we have to have in a good M&E  systems are:

  • Functioned as performance indicator
  • Functioned as rapid appraisal and evaluation
  • Impact evaluation, and
  • Comprehensive spending review [More about it: Monitoring and Evaluation: Some tools, Methods, and Approaches (IEG 2004b)]

A good M&E system will help the government in the next period budgeting process as well as policy development. It also help to manage the current activities. And the most important thing, It will enhance transparancy and support accountability. Almost all of OECD countries put emphasis on M&E system (More about OECD, visit their website: http://www.oecd.org/home/0,2987,en_2649_201185_1_1_1_1_1,00.html)

In this book, there are five countries mentioned which has a very good M&E system, that are Australia, Chile, Colombia, UK, and US. The writer also pointed out three important lesson from those country. The first is utilization of M&E information in policy making, budgeting, management, and accountability process. Second is a qualified M&E information, while the last is the sustainability, in term of conducting M&E, and also applying M&E process to the activity mentioned above.

There are a lot of lesson from the succesful country in term of this M&E system. Among of them are:

  • Ex ante cost benefit analysis, conducted at ministry of national planning
  • Performance indicator
  • Comprehensive management report
  • Evaluation of management program
  • Rigorous impact evaluation
  • Comprehensive spending review
  • The use of real time information on certain ministry to achieve their stated goal. Each ministry as stated above, is required to set their performance target, and then it will be published on their website. All of the citizen can also control the acievement process (Part of social control).

All of the M&E System obviously really require a political will from the central government and also from parliament. If there is no politica, will (because the central governmenr and member  of parliament want to take personal advantade over national wealth, then it is hopeless). After all, this book is really good. You can download this book here: http://www.worldbank.org/ieg/ecd/docs/How_to_build_ME_gov.pdf

What a Night!

Alhamdulillah, I’m so happy tonight. I went to basketball game from 7 to 9 pm with Aziz (Saudi Arabian) and Masumi (Japanese). It’s really a lot of fun, and The Utes won!!!

After that, Me, Shazana, Yo Hei, Megan, Maddi, and Sebastian went to play bowling at the union. Alhamdulillah, it’s really fun too. It’s my first time play bowling, and I really like it. My team (Me, Madi, and Sebastian) won twice! Alhamdullah ya Allah,,

Self Pledge


I declare my self to be a person who can give much benefit to indonesian and world society. My succes is not determined by whether I become a minister or not, but it depends on whether society around me feel the impact of my presentness.

When I become a minister later, I’ll try to make a good, efective, and a clean governance. Every resources that collected by government has to to invested again in society. The government is has to be dedicated for the sake of society. Allah, please help me to be prepared for that.

When we look to the societyaeround the world right now, we could see how global imbalance is really real. Some actions have to be taken. I praise the work that have been done by all of the volunteer and the other development agencies in promoting justice and balance in todays life in most of the world region. I hope, i can be that part some day.

The strive to achieve that of course not an easy journey. Maybe sacrificies of personal vested interest is an unquestionable things. Allah, please help me to be a person who really can analyze and formulate policies well. Allah, you are my only ultimate source of power. Allah, please strengthen me. Allah, I love you.