Self Pledge


I declare my self to be a person who can give much benefit to indonesian and world society. My succes is not determined by whether I become a minister or not, but it depends on whether society around me feel the impact of my presentness.

When I become a minister later, I’ll try to make a good, efective, and a clean governance. Every resources that collected by government has to to invested again in society. The government is has to be dedicated for the sake of society. Allah, please help me to be prepared for that.

When we look to the societyaeround the world right now, we could see how global imbalance is really real. Some actions have to be taken. I praise the work that have been done by all of the volunteer and the other development agencies in promoting justice and balance in todays life in most of the world region. I hope, i can be that part some day.

The strive to achieve that of course not an easy journey. Maybe sacrificies of personal vested interest is an unquestionable things. Allah, please help me to be a person who really can analyze and formulate policies well. Allah, you are my only ultimate source of power. Allah, please strengthen me. Allah, I love you.

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