Notes for 2011

A lot of things to do in Indonesia. Start from infrastructure and SME empowerment. I think the government have to move faster to catch up with the up coming opportunity. The president also has to motivate all of the citizens to work harder and more creative. In personal level, I will always try to be someone productive, create something which can enriching the science in Indonesia.
Besides that, I will always try to maximize and improve my capability. In term of foreign language skills, global understanding, analytical skill, and also other soft skills.

That Change Generation is Our Generation

In the mids of current economic development, here, in Indonesia, I could see that Indonesia as the other emerging countries, also have the potential and opportunity to be a developed country. However, a big challenge lies ahead. Its name are corruption and greedy. I think the problem is not in the low level of bureaucrat wage, if so, how much we can pay all of the state staff if they have opportunity to get bribe money even 100 times their current salary. The key is in the religion understanding and also nationalism spirit. Maybe it’s an unavoidable condition where the corrruptor and briber will always exist, but I believe, the change generation that is professional, smart, and has the integity is also possible.

My Last Week in Utah

I am really really grateful to Allah, who gave this great chance, travel to and live in US. It’s really an unforgettable as well as changing moment in my life. I love everything here! It’s really hard to say, it’s deep in my heart. I love US.

Living in such a developed country is really an inspiring experience for me. Now, I have an idea how’s the feel live in a developed country. I, with everything that I can do, will try to make Indonesia as developed as US too.

Things that I really like from US are the people here, I think, are really smart, they use their logic. It makes me relly anjoy talking to them. The idea that came out from our discussion, the excitement, and everything.

Despite all of the joy, the reality has to be faced. Although I feel that I don’t wanna go back home, I have to be honest to my self, that I have to back home. I have to be ready with the real life. I have to be ready with the life facts that I’ve been through and will face again in Indonesia. I have to express my love to US by trying as much as I can, making Indonesian citizen as smart as and as creative as US citizen. I will show them the example and the important of professionalism in US. I’ll try to show them such an educated discussion, interacting, and life style.

Indonesia, I love you so much. Realizing the fact how oppresive some leaders in our country are, how corrupt and incompetent some our government officials are, always make me want to help and do everything for Indonesia.

Allah, please strenghten my self, please help me to make myself a really really smart and capable person. Lastly, Allah, you know how much I love all US people and friends here, please give hidayah to them Allah,, I really hope, that I and all of my friends can meet again together and share our happiness again, in you paradise,, later.

Allah,, you’re the only one in my heart. Allah, please help me to keep you as the only one in my life. Allah, bariklana fi kulli syai in,,

Salt Lake City