Important Lessons

I read a lot of books in couple previous days. Thanks to Gramedia Depok Book store. I read books like Negeri 5 Menara, Habibie dan Ainun, Grow with character, the power, Indonesia’s grand strategies, making a giant leap, leaders at all levels, atlas umrah dan haji, a lot of magazines, etc. Here are several lesson that I got.

First, someone who has talent to be a leader is someone that always try to look from a higher level. For example, a leader talented financial manager in a bank branch will always see challenge and make decision from the point of view of general manager. A student in a university who really want to foster research in that university will place him self in place where he as if has to make a policies what to be done to realize that research university. With this kind of paradigm, people will be wiser, smarter, and finally the outcome will be amazing.

Second, the culture of dicipline is very important. We have to think and dream big, but we have to move fast and dicipline in realizing it. Many people fail in realizing theri dream because of their procrastination action.

Third, our achievement will be as much as our dream. That’s why we have to brave to dream and keep our dream alive. In achieving that dream, we also have to persistent and never give up.

Fourth, We can if we think that we can. The first step will always be hard. Even maybe so hard which make we give up even before try anything. Let;s always try to move forward. Face the challenge. If it is too big or too complicated, solve it one by one until everything is clear but still in fast pace.

Fifth, Always be happy with everything that your friends got. Just feel as if you are the person who receive what they got.

Sixth, always remember that Allah is everything. He rules out the universe. Everything is depend on him. Then always pray to Him.

Have a great achievements and Developments this year!


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