Social Movement

Today, I attended a public lecture, entitled Rethinking Social Movement, Lesson Learned from South Africa Experince by Prof Ari Sitas PhD, from Capetown University, South Africa.

He defines social movement as a continuing or sustainable movement initiated by the society to change something. It can be oppose the government or just give a recommendation. A succesful social movement is a social movement with a strong ideological basis which can change structurally.

A strong ideological basis is very important as it is one factor which can help this movement will sustain. Here, an ‘absolute’ true ideological is important. Besides that, a charismatic leader also an indispensable part. This strong ideological movement will be likely can change the structure.

Regarding Indonesia’s condition. It always make me sad. This big and potential country just become a personal interest fulfillment of several persons. They with everything they have always try to manage country’s rich. Either through self illegal action or bribe public official.

I miss a wealthy Indonesia. a developed country as we can see in another part of the world. I believe, I’ll be the witness as well as actor of history of change in Indonesia. I’ll be a smart, wise, and strong public official which can keep his integrity in advancing Indonesia. I’ll try. I’ll try.

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