Revolution in Egypt

Early morning in Wednesday, January 26th, finally there is riot in egypt following the similar events in Tunisia, January 15th. The egyptian people want a democratic country. I think it’s logic, remembering that President Husni Mubarok has been in chair for the last 30 years.

The question is how should a government in Islam? As far as I know, in Islam, there is khalifah, a leader who are elected by people. But there is no frequent general election. The khalifah will stay on chair until he die or resign. The change from one khalifah to the next khalifah is not based on father-son relation.

Simply, I think that what we also can find in Egypt. Maybe the differences are in how the government rule the country. If the government rule the country transparently, without corruption, then the country will be prosperous then we will not see this riot. This riot tells us that the society don’t want that president anymore, maybe because something bad that they did, maybe because the impoverishment policies implemented.

When we take a look into The King in Saudi Arabia, we can see that, maybe that country just peacefull because of the society there are prosperous. If not, the we just neeed to wait until the same riot happen also in that country.

As the coclusion, we can see that, what ever the form of government, as long as the governance are transparent, no corruption, the government try hard to make their citizen prosperous, then it’s OK. No need for democracy, kingdom is Ok.

However, as the popular idiom said, power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely. Maybe it is impossible for human being, when they are given a power they will keep doing it in correct way.

Here, we can see that we need a system. A good internal control system. Check and balance, so that there is no absolute power.

The next question will be: will this revolution will be sustain and resilient?

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