How’s the Leader Suppose to be?

This question came up to my mind after I hear that Mr Mubarak resigned from his position as president of Egypt. At that time, the only question in my mind is how’s the next? I just afraid that the same bad thing in Indonesia, also happen in Egypt. Indonesia, after the student can force the tyrant leader to resign after 32 years of leadership, do not know what to do after that. They have no idea who suppose to be the next president. Besides that they can’t answered, are they prepared enough about who will be the next ministers, about who will govern in the country, and so on so forth. Indonesia failed in that critical stage.

Maybe because the society just too concern to ‘kick out’ the tyrant, they forget what to do after that, finally, they end up watching, yes-no more tyrant leader-, but still, his allies are dominating the parliament and government officials. No question, of course, all of them, as corrupt as the tyrant.

All of these things make me think, what kind of leader is suitable to govern in that condition? After a bit ‘contemplating’, I think the leader must come up from the opposition who also involve in kicking out the president. The new leader must be a strong person, with a strong good character.

Equally important, he has to has the commitment and political will to eradicate corruption until the grass root level. Corruption is the biggest enemy in developing or under developed country. How can that poor country has a good education system, has good health care system, has a good infrastructure, etc if the budget intended to develope all of that are being corrupted by the government offcials.

If we look deeper, beside the aspiration to have a freedom of speech, a more democratic country, the main causes of the protest in Egypt, Tunisia, etc are because of the worsen economic condition and massive corruption in government level.

At least all the character mentioned above are the necessary condition for a good trabsition leader. Wish Egypt, Tunisia, and the other countries which will follow soon will succed in this transition period, and become the next developed country. Amin.

2 thoughts on “How’s the Leader Suppose to be?

  1. At that time, the only question in my mind is how’s the next? I just afraid that…

    i don’t think about who’s the next, but how’s the next..
    but then, I trust that we can.
    thx a lot ka rully (baru sekali panggil kaka, sebelumnya panggil “da” soalnya ga mau manggil kaka-pit lebih tua gitu- he) for everything, for teach and guide us 🙂
    we wish ka rully all the best in singapore..

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