It’s a historical date. Thanks Allah, thank you for everything.You are the greatest. I can say no more. You’re the only one. Allah, when I’m scared, when I’m alone, you’re always there. Everything is enough for me, as long as I’m with you.
Allah, thank you for everything. I’m shy to you, Allah,,

Dicari: Aktivis yang Siap Menyadarkan Mahasiswa Lainnya

Bagaimana menciptakan pemimpin cerdas, tegas, dan berintegritas?
Sudah putus asa rasanya saya melihat kelakuan para pimpinan Indonesia saat ini, mulai dari anggota DPR sampai bagian eksekutif sekalipun. We need a statesman. The one who love his country and do not afraid to sacrifice anything that he has to enforce the law. To win the truth.
How to create such kind of leader remain unsolved for me. As far as I believe, we need the one who is religious (and educated of course). That is why, a continuous actions to influence student to be a capable and having integrity student is absolutely important.
Hope I can do that, hope Allah increase the number of people who want to take risk of doing that.