A little Note from Prof Klitgaards’s Lecture

Last two days ago, I attended a lecture by Prof Klitgaards, someone who’s named as world leading expert on anti corruption strategy. the most important thing that I got from him that the next public policy studies or analysis should convene more on a big issue.

The policy studies that we conduct have to be something which is multi disciplinary and try to give a systematic solution, meaning the solution that we give require a systematic approach and change systematically. I think one good example for this is the PNPM Mandiri project which if I’m not mistaken was initiated by a PhD student/lecturer in IPB.

I’ll try to do so, convene on a big issue and give a systematical recommendation.

Another Reflection: Education and Fiscal Importance

One key important factor in securing Indonesia’s seat for the future developed country is education. Sounds like an old story, yes it is, but still it is unsolved, the problem should be broke down well, what the basic problem is.

Based on common sense, one big cause is the economic reason. Like and egg and chicken story, which one is first, whether low education resulted with low economic development, or low economic ability which cause huge uneducated society. But anyway, nothing false with fixing the economic condition.

Currently, there are a lot of government program in fostering the number of educated society in Indonesia. As an economist, I will concern more on the important of fiscal here.

Indonesia still has a big fiscal room, considering the tax ratio and tax compliance ratio is still low. Even though these are the challenges, but the opportunities also embedded. That’s why a better fiscal management, especially in tax levy strategy should be improved.

I also want to touch the corruption problem. Indonesia’s public finance also a victim of massive corruption which reducing the impact of this public finance to the society. A further action should be taken, either form the leadership level or from the culture side.

Lastly, I would say, in the mid of all these bad thing, I’ve got to stand firmly and prepare my self so that can contribute greatly to Indonesia’s advancement. All part of Indonesia’s society, who say that they love their country, should contribute in whatever they can on it. I believe we can.



Highly Corrupt Country

This country has been captured highly by corruption. It is a really really common thing here. How can it be this heavy and how can everybody (the citizen) only ‘pasrah’ in knowing this fact?

Watch this:


It just unbelievably bad. Too bad. Everybody has been participated, most parts in government is a corrupt body. Are we just waiting until Allah change this old generation? or there is something that we still can do?

Any idea?