Another Reflection: Education and Fiscal Importance

One key important factor in securing Indonesia’s seat for the future developed country is education. Sounds like an old story, yes it is, but still it is unsolved, the problem should be broke down well, what the basic problem is.

Based on common sense, one big cause is the economic reason. Like and egg and chicken story, which one is first, whether low education resulted with low economic development, or low economic ability which cause huge uneducated society. But anyway, nothing false with fixing the economic condition.

Currently, there are a lot of government program in fostering the number of educated society in Indonesia. As an economist, I will concern more on the important of fiscal here.

Indonesia still has a big fiscal room, considering the tax ratio and tax compliance ratio is still low. Even though these are the challenges, but the opportunities also embedded. That’s why a better fiscal management, especially in tax levy strategy should be improved.

I also want to touch the corruption problem. Indonesia’s public finance also a victim of massive corruption which reducing the impact of this public finance to the society. A further action should be taken, either form the leadership level or from the culture side.

Lastly, I would say, in the mid of all these bad thing, I’ve got to stand firmly and prepare my self so that can contribute greatly to Indonesia’s advancement. All part of Indonesia’s society, who say that they love their country, should contribute in whatever they can on it. I believe we can.



3 thoughts on “Another Reflection: Education and Fiscal Importance

  1. Hi Rully, nice to read your blog.. 🙂
    It’s interesting when you put education and economy as two major sectors we should concern more in developing this country. You’ve already talked about fiscal, so, in your point of view, what’s actually the basic problem in our education (system) compared to those developed countries? I may get some new thoughts , even inspiration, by sharing with you. 🙂 Thanks.

    • Hi there, nice to hear from you again. Education is one of the biggest challenge in our country and I believe that we can overcome it. I just read a book stating that development of a nation is really correlated with the quality of higher education (university) in that country. So, to be short, I think we’ve got to fix our higher education system in term of quality. Yes, it entails a lot of money. Where it can come from? As I said in the writing (or other posts), we can have more money for education if we can minimize the gov’t budget that’s being corrupted now. Promoting reading, discussion, and research habit is also a key I think. Let’s be part of the change wave. Wassalam, wallahu’alam,,

      • So that’s how you find it…
        I personally think that the cores of problems we have in this country are simply “morality problem” and “society’s awareness”.
        It may sounds kinda old-fashioned and absurd talking about morality, but in fact this kind of thing leads to various complicated problems such as corruption, which further leads to other enormous problems (lack of budget for national development, education access, & etc). Thus, I’m seeing morality degradation in today’s society really brings detrimental yet systemic effects towards the whole aspects contributing to our national development.
        I come to think, Rully, even if we want to increase the quality of higher education at the first place, putting more concern solely on the aspects of cognitive will bring nothing except those educated but uncivilized people (corruptors). Instead, we need such reformation in our education system in which ‘values’ are being internalized hand in hand with the cognitive development. Thus, we’re creating ‘the true’ human being, civilized society who are not only good in ‘knowledge’ aspect, but they also posses a good quality of morality, attitude, behaviour.
        Society’s awareness, at the end of the day, will also contribute much towards the development of our beloved country. I believe that our govt has already made so many rules, policies, regulations, or whatever they named- for the sake of this country’s welfare. I just don’t understand whether it is the society (some though not all) who becomes totally ignorant not to support these things, or it is the policy itself which cannot really accommodate society’s demands. This will also become our biggest concern as the future policymakers (Amin, ya Rabb..) how to create ‘society’s awareness at the very first place.
        Anyway, this is somehow just a very subjective opinion of mine. I’d be really glad to hear any feedback from you…

        Sorry for too much talking. I’m just keen on discussing something, esp when it comes to education and national development. Hehee… 😀

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