Alhamdulillah,, I think that’s the most appropriate word for me right now. I asked Allah before to be in an academics environment, and alhamdulillah Allah gave me that. Tomorrow morning is hari raya, however, now, 10pm, I just got back from the school after more than 12 hours school. I enjoy it so much.

I’ll always try to make myself more educated, more professional, and have a really sharp and fast analytic skills.

There are several things that I learnt today.

First, from public policy and analysis class, I just more realize that somehow politic is important but it, on the other way, will blocking the important thing for society too. Why? They just full with greedy and selfish people. A good joke presented in the class from a video by Prof Fritzen is this:

Second lesson that I learnt is social media is way very important in shaping agenda setting for policy nowadays. I think it’s a good opportunity since we, society, will try too push the ‘unfavorable’ government to really work for us. I, somehow, admire Singapore government which really can work for their society.

Third, about development, from my development policy in southeast asia, I learnt that transformation from rural to urban area is not always favorable as there will be side effect of it. Besides, the concept of development as freedom from Amartya Sen also attract me.

To end, I, again, really want to express my gratitude to Allah for giving me this great opportunity. Alhamdulillah,,

Just Another Reflection

August 12th, on Lion Air flight to Jakarta from Singapore

First, Alhamdulillah, we got some good and professional government official. It has to be strengthened.

Second, there are around 31 million Indonesian live under USD 1.5 a day. All of parents in that 31 mio people always hope and dream that their children and edscents could live a better life. One key thing to achieve that, if not the one and only, is education. That’s why our main job is to provide a good quality but at the same time accessible to most of Indonesian. Several potential saving available is that through:

1) Making sure that government procurement, at leaat in ministrry of education, are as efficient as possible. There many cases, reports, and facts shown many leak in this procurement. Could we imagine if the corrupted money is used to build more school or library?

2) The ‘stay in luxurious hotel” tradition of government official has to be erased. If we can’t deliver this country’s promises to most of its citizen, that is to lift up their living standard, then why we (government official) live extravagantly?

One key thing that I always aspire in this country is that if only we have a good library. I’m so keen to see how Indonesia’s libraries are more crowded that shopping mall as it is today. Then, we’ve got to start to build an amazing library, put more books, provide internet access, etc. I believe, reading, or education in broad sense, is the key to get out from poverty.

Last point that I want to address quickly is how we need a more affordable and widely available higher education. We, of course, never intend to let our country become a resource based economy country, instead of knowledge based, that’s why, again, education should be a higher priority.

The Optimists

It conveys a simple word, optimism. In the mid of domestic political turbulence, this video convey a message that Indonesia is creative enough, then it raises the optimism among all of us.

One sentence that I really like, ever spoken by Anies Baswedan, “we have all reasons to be a pessimistic country, but then we choose to be optimist”. Yes, from any point of view, everybody belief that Indonesia will ends on 1998. But we must be surprised knowing that Indonesia still there today, standing as the world 17th biggest economy, member of G-20, 3rd largest democracy in the world and so on so forth.

Insyaallah, with all hardwork, improvement in education and government governance, I firmly believe, a better indonesia, a more developed Indonesia, is definitely possible.