Alhamdulillah,, I think that’s the most appropriate word for me right now. I asked Allah before to be in an academics environment, and alhamdulillah Allah gave me that. Tomorrow morning is hari raya, however, now, 10pm, I just got back from the school after more than 12 hours school. I enjoy it so much.

I’ll always try to make myself more educated, more professional, and have a really sharp and fast analytic skills.

There are several things that I learnt today.

First, from public policy and analysis class, I just more realize that somehow politic is important but it, on the other way, will blocking the important thing for society too. Why? They just full with greedy and selfish people. A good joke presented in the class from a video by Prof Fritzen is this:

Second lesson that I learnt is social media is way very important in shaping agenda setting for policy nowadays. I think it’s a good opportunity since we, society, will try too push the ‘unfavorable’ government to really work for us. I, somehow, admire Singapore government which really can work for their society.

Third, about development, from my development policy in southeast asia, I learnt that transformation from rural to urban area is not always favorable as there will be side effect of it. Besides, the concept of development as freedom from Amartya Sen also attract me.

To end, I, again, really want to express my gratitude to Allah for giving me this great opportunity. Alhamdulillah,,

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