Lesson from Giovanni van Bronckhost Interview

This lesson was taken from Ms Desi Anwar interview with Giovanni, aired in Metro TV, September 24th 2011.

  • When you are child, you just playing and having fun, but as get older, you have to be more determined.
  • Every body want to achieve a great thing, so we have to work and perform better than others.
  • The mentality of never give up
  • “I only have one goal in life, that is to to be a professional football player…” (Giovanni van Bronckhost)
  • Everything need a stage, a process. Everything is meaningful, Allah set it up for us. Oftenly, the obstacles will be more frequent in the first years. A great guy see a big problem as a challenge, a short sighted-pessimistic people see a small problem as a big one.
  • Being a leader we have to make sure that the team is a true team, have a same goal, and discipline.

Lesson from Mr LKY

The lesson below I took from Mr LKY’s book entitled LKY at 80. Here are the lessons:
  • You begin your journey not knowing where it will take you. You have plans, you have dreams, but every now and again you have to take uncharted roads, face impassable mountains, cross treacherous rivers, be blocked by landslides and earthquakes
  • “..If I had continued as a lawyer, for instance, and if some idiot was in charge of Singapore, then all lawyers would be broke anyway
  • “If there is one touchstone to success, it is confidence. A people must have confidence in themselves. If they lack it, if they think they are unequal to the challenge, then they will never make the grade
  • “Countries, like individuals, have to grow up and face the facts of life. They have to learn how to live with their neighbors and fend for themselves in a harsh and predatory world”.
  • Surely we must in  charge of our own lives! And that is the beginning of politics
  • To be trusted by the people as the older leaders have been trusted, the younger leaders must learn to translate these figures and hard headed analyses of complex problem into warm, simple, and human term, terms which the ordinary people can understand

Harapan itu Masih Ada

Saat kemunafikan sudah begitu mengakar. Hampir semua tanpa malu berteriak lantang kebohongan, argumentasi meyakinkan pun tak luput, Allah lah yang maha kuasa.

Allah sudah mengakatakan bahwa nasib kita tak kan berubah jika bukan kita yang berusaha merubahnya, lalu mengapa tidak kita berusaha terus merubahnya. Atas segala kesulitan menghadang, Allahpun juga telah mengatakan tak ada hal yang tak mungkin, jika Allah berkata Ya, maka akan terjadi.

Saya cinta islam, saya cinta optimisme dan semangat kerja keras yang ada di dalamnya. Let’s work for it, harapan itu masih ada.


Allah is the creator of this amazing world. Allah made everything is possible. Allah said that our condition or destiny will never change unless we try it by our self. One big amazing word that’s ever exist is talent. yes, talent. It is everybody equipped with, what ever it is. whether cooking, singing, giving speech, good at certain sport, etc. That’s how wonderful Allah is.

Our single biggest task now is how to develop this talent. Let’s take it seriously. We are the only person who know about our self. We know what we want, we know what we’re happy when work on. That’s talent, that’s it.
It’s gonna need seriousness, discipline, and hard work.

One popular example, justin bieber. Almost everybody know about him. Did he get this popularity easily? Nope. He has developed his talent,even since he was 2 years old and he keep practicing until now. That’s what we’ve got to do also. sharp it. Until one day, we can be very beneficial to the society. For me, I’ll keep developing my analytically and critical thinking. I like to read. I like to analyze. I like to write. That’s what I’m gonna develop always.

Last two point. Prophet Mohammad pointed out nicely. The best human on earth is the most beneficial person on earth. I think that gives quite clear signal that our talent, has to benefit the society, human being at most.
Lastly, always, Allah is the only one who can make that happen. Let’s always try to connect our heart with Allah where ever and whenever we are. Praying to Allah is our ultimate goal. Let’s do it.