Lesson from Giovanni van Bronckhost Interview

This lesson was taken from Ms Desi Anwar interview with Giovanni, aired in Metro TV, September 24th 2011.

  • When you are child, you just playing and having fun, but as get older, you have to be more determined.
  • Every body want to achieve a great thing, so we have to work and perform better than others.
  • The mentality of never give up
  • “I only have one goal in life, that is to to be a professional football player…” (Giovanni van Bronckhost)
  • Everything need a stage, a process. Everything is meaningful, Allah set it up for us. Oftenly, the obstacles will be more frequent in the first years. A great guy see a big problem as a challenge, a short sighted-pessimistic people see a small problem as a big one.
  • Being a leader we have to make sure that the team is a true team, have a same goal, and¬†discipline.

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