Lesson from Mr LKY

The lesson below I took from Mr LKY’s book entitled LKY at 80. Here are the lessons:
  • You begin your journey not knowing where it will take you. You have plans, you have dreams, but every now and again you have to take uncharted roads, face impassable mountains, cross treacherous rivers, be blocked by landslides and earthquakes
  • “..If I had continued as a lawyer, for instance, and if some idiot was in charge of Singapore, then all lawyers would be broke anyway
  • “If there is one touchstone to success, it is confidence. A people must have confidence in themselves. If they lack it, if they think they are unequal to the challenge, then they will never make the grade
  • “Countries, like individuals, have to grow up and face the facts of life. They have to learn how to live with their neighbors and fend for themselves in a harsh and predatory world”.
  • Surely we must in  charge of our own lives! And that is the beginning of politics
  • To be trusted by the people as the older leaders have been trusted, the younger leaders must learn to translate these figures and hard headed analyses of complex problem into warm, simple, and human term, terms which the ordinary people can understand

2 thoughts on “Lesson from Mr LKY

  1. It’s sleepy day, no job n just waiting for boss comand. heavy day to be not productive, time to visit ur blog rulli. I like every single word you wrote, I thing u really becoming inspiring person, pray for you.. just like your post, I hope you can post different topics every day, so that I can wake up in the low season hahahahha…”kidg”. God bless you rulli, wherever u r…..^^

    • Thanks for visiting,, I’ll try,, =)

      Let’s always try to be more productive,, have a great day, job, and contribution,, =)

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