Corporate Greedy and Corrupt Official

I just watch this great documentary: And I was very upset and angry with my government, with the corporation.

I certainly will try to get the power and stop all of these massive destruction projects.

It is obviously not a sustainable way, it is certainly not how we suppose to deal with the nature.

I am calling all this country’s children, the ones who still have heart and clear mind. We’ve definitely got to prepared ourselves for that power, for that authority to stop all of these mess.

Our Country

We love this country so much, don’t we? But, have we ever think that how can someone who said that he loves something but he never want to improve or repair that country. Let’s talk a bit about our beloved country, Indonesia.

It’s a common understanding that there are many fraud cases involved in Indonesia’s government spending. Central government revenue have jumped from around USD56.1 billion in 2005 to around USD132.6 billion in 2011. Given a weak internal control system and corrupt ‘culture’, the fraud cases in government spending have jumped also. Here are thoughts about it.

  • The government (executive branch) should rely on or utilize the existence and work of BPKP (Badan Pengawas Keuangan dan pembangunan), the government internal control body, as well as all inspectorate general, the internal control body in every ministry. Besides that, the legislative branch (DPR) should rely more and follow the BPK’s audit findings up.
  • Previously, before the reformasi era in 1998, there’s only one ‘brave’ man who act ‘premanism’ in the country. But now, everybody want to be the ‘brave man’. Everyone compete each other to ‘suck’ country’s money. While at the same time, the internal control bodies are not functioning, the government audit body also hopeless, and the most important thing, the law is not there! The police, jury, prosecutors, etc.
Are we gonna hoping for someone to fix it? Or,, we create or join an organizations aiming to do a reform. If that’s so, let’s make sure that we’ll be someone capable and highly amazing and competitive. Let’s invest more in hard skills, soft skills, and everything needed to conduct the reform. Be a more intelligent and contributory person.

Why Country’s Position Can Fall?

According to a book by George Magnus, entitled “Uprising: Will emerging Markets Shape or Shake the World Economy?” (2011), a country will sustain its super power position if only these countries keep innovate, imagine, and have a good institution. He wrote

“..They need to be able to foster and exploit continuous technological innovation. Their citizen, scientist, and leaders must have the imagination to dream. They must have high quality institution to protect the property right that exist in every human interaction, and also to secure transaction, and safeguards contracts”.

I think what he said is fairly rue. Then, I guess, we, Indonesia, have to support all of scientists, provide a better quality of education, and make sure that the government works.

Apart from material above, I just wanna say that the nature of countries interaction in this world is just like the juggle rule, the strongest will exploit the weak. As we can see today, even though the US position in global economy has been challenged by China and other emerging economies, US still the one who has the strongest armed organization in the world. It will keep using its power to threaten and taking advantages from other countries. Iran, for example, why US feel so unhappy with Iran’s nuclear ambition, why only US and its several allies who can develop nuclear power in this world, while others can’t? Given recent development about assassination trial of Saudi Arabian ambassador to US by people related with Iran, I think, the possibility of US attacking Iran is fairly understood.

The biggest lesson that we can draw from that condition is that we have to be self sufficient country. Countries that are not depend on other country, at least in our basic necessity. Hence, our biggest focus today should be: Developing alternative energy sources, advancing education, scientific and technological development, making sure that our agriculture development is advance, and strengthen our army. US still the one who produce and sell the biggest military equipment in the world, even nearly the monopolist, I think. They will keep doing that, because they know, someday, sometimes, the world will fall to war again.

I don’t mean to be too pessimistic about the world future, I just argue that it’s better to be prepared.


3 Lessons

There are three main lesson that I got in several last days.

first, the important of hard work, pray, and tawakkal.

One measure of our maturity is our patience on our own wants. Most of the time, we pray to Allah to give us this and that. After we work hard to achieve it, just give it all to Allah. He will determine the result. However, sometimes, or maybe many times, we are inpatient to know the result or when we know the result.

Let’s believe, that insyaallah, when we didn’t get what we want, Allah is preparing a better thing for us. Allah said, when we pray, there are three possibilities. First, Allah will give what we want directly; second, Allah will postpone it for some reasons, and will give it to us later; or third, Allah think that’s not good for us and he give us reward for already pray to him. Here, we can see that there is no loss for us to pray to Allah. To conclude, let us always work hard, pray, and then just give the rest to Allah, he will determine the best for us.

Second, The past is the past. We can do nothing about it. Don;t be bother with what had happened in the past. Allah give us another opportunity. Take the lessons. It’s all about our choice, what we wanna do and what we wanna be right now. Let’s be someone who focus and optimist.

Lastly, about our own ability.

We’ve got to move forward, create value  added and strive for the society’s prosperity. A lot of people put their hope on our shoulders. We are the selected one. Not many people have or talent and ability. Let’s keep do the best, keep be the best, and make them happy. Make those unfortuned people have smile and hope on their eyes. It’s our task, our main task.

Stand on Our Own Feet

I just watched a shocking documentary about Rwanda Genocide. Now, I fully understand what people mean by ‘you are on your on’. I think it’s a big lesson. There is no such ‘international cooperation or international peace’. Countries just act if there is something beneficial for them. Just as american said when Rwanda Genocide happened, “US will only act if it is on its national interest”. Scr*w them. Of course we have no reason to blame US, however, as a world prominent country, permanent member of  national security council, can’t they influence UN to take action?

Countries around the world have to stand on their own feet, on their own ability. Threat will always come. As in the documentary, the General said “At that time, I felt like I wasn’t negotiating with human, I was negotiating with evil”. Yes, for any ‘un-understandable reasons’, human can behave like evil.

Please watch it.

World as a better place. Can we still reach that?

Insyaallah, Allah will always be with You

When you made a mistake, trust me, it’s fairly OK. Everyone made a mistake. Just promise that you’ll never do it again. And the most important thing, now you have to run faster to catch up. Gonna be hard. But it’s possible.

Why did you bury yourself in the sadness, while there are hopes in this life? Only to Allah you will back. He is the one who know you. He is the only one. He knows what your heart meant. You are lucky, even very lucky to be in this religion, maximize it. Insyaallah, Allah will always by your side.