3 Lessons

There are three main lesson that I got in several last days.

first, the important of hard work, pray, and tawakkal.

One measure of our maturity is our patience on our own wants. Most of the time, we pray to Allah to give us this and that. After we work hard to achieve it, just give it all to Allah. He will determine the result. However, sometimes, or maybe many times, we are inpatient to know the result or when we know the result.

Let’s believe, that insyaallah, when we didn’t get what we want, Allah is preparing a better thing for us. Allah said, when we pray, there are three possibilities. First, Allah will give what we want directly; second, Allah will postpone it for some reasons, and will give it to us later; or third, Allah think that’s not good for us and he give us reward for already pray to him. Here, we can see that there is no loss for us to pray to Allah. To conclude, let us always work hard, pray, and then just give the rest to Allah, he will determine the best for us.

Second, The past is the past. We can do nothing about it. Don;t be bother with what had happened in the past. Allah give us another opportunity. Take the lessons. It’s all about our choice, what we wanna do and what we wanna be right now. Let’s be someone who focus and optimist.

Lastly, about our own ability.

We’ve got to move forward, create value  added and strive for the society’s prosperity. A lot of people put their hope on our shoulders. We are the selected one. Not many people have or talent and ability. Let’s keep do the best, keep be the best, and make them happy. Make those unfortuned people have smile and hope on their eyes. It’s our task, our main task.

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