Stand on Our Own Feet

I just watched a shocking documentary about Rwanda Genocide. Now, I fully understand what people mean by ‘you are on your on’. I think it’s a big lesson. There is no such ‘international cooperation or international peace’. Countries just act if there is something beneficial for them. Just as american said when Rwanda Genocide happened, “US will only act if it is on its national interest”. Scr*w them. Of course we have no reason to blame US, however, as a world prominent country, permanent member of  national security council, can’t they influence UN to take action?

Countries around the world have to stand on their own feet, on their own ability. Threat will always come. As in the documentary, the General said “At that time, I felt like I wasn’t negotiating with human, I was negotiating with evil”. Yes, for any ‘un-understandable reasons’, human can behave like evil.

Please watch it.

World as a better place. Can we still reach that?

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