Why Country’s Position Can Fall?

According to a book by George Magnus, entitled “Uprising: Will emerging Markets Shape or Shake the World Economy?” (2011), a country will sustain its super power position if only these countries keep innovate, imagine, and have a good institution. He wrote

“..They need to be able to foster and exploit continuous technological innovation. Their citizen, scientist, and leaders must have the imagination to dream. They must have high quality institution to protect the property right that exist in every human interaction, and also to secure transaction, and safeguards contracts”.

I think what he said is fairly rue. Then, I guess, we, Indonesia, have to support all of scientists, provide a better quality of education, and make sure that the government works.

Apart from material above, I just wanna say that the nature of countries interaction in this world is just like the juggle rule, the strongest will exploit the weak. As we can see today, even though the US position in global economy has been challenged by China and other emerging economies, US still the one who has the strongest armed organization in the world. It will keep using its power to threaten and taking advantages from other countries. Iran, for example, why US feel so unhappy with Iran’s nuclear ambition, why only US and its several allies who can develop nuclear power in this world, while others can’t? Given recent development about assassination trial of Saudi Arabian ambassador to US by people related with Iran, I think, the possibility of US attacking Iran is fairly understood.

The biggest lesson that we can draw from that condition is that we have to be self sufficient country. Countries that are not depend on other country, at least in our basic necessity. Hence, our biggest focus today should be: Developing alternative energy sources, advancing education, scientific and technological development, making sure that our agriculture development is advance, and strengthen our army. US still the one who produce and sell the biggest military equipment in the world, even nearly the monopolist, I think. They will keep doing that, because they know, someday, sometimes, the world will fall to war again.

I don’t mean to be too pessimistic about the world future, I just argue that it’s better to be prepared.


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