Our Country

We love this country so much, don’t we? But, have we ever think that how can someone who said that he loves something but he never want to improve or repair that country. Let’s talk a bit about our beloved country, Indonesia.

It’s a common understanding that there are many fraud cases involved in Indonesia’s government spending. Central government revenue have jumped from around USD56.1 billion in 2005 to around USD132.6 billion in 2011. Given a weak internal control system and corrupt ‘culture’, the fraud cases in government spending have jumped also. Here are thoughts about it.

  • The government (executive branch) should rely on or utilize the existence and work of BPKP (Badan Pengawas Keuangan dan pembangunan), the government internal control body, as well as all inspectorate general, the internal control body in every ministry. Besides that, the legislative branch (DPR) should rely more and follow the BPK’s audit findings up.
  • Previously, before the reformasi era in 1998, there’s only one ‘brave’ man who act ‘premanism’ in the country. But now, everybody want to be the ‘brave man’. Everyone compete each other to ‘suck’ country’s money. While at the same time, the internal control bodies are not functioning, the government audit body also hopeless, and the most important thing, the law is not there! The police, jury, prosecutors, etc.
Are we gonna hoping for someone to fix it? Or,, we create or join an organizations aiming to do a reform. If that’s so, let’s make sure that we’ll be someone capable and highly amazing and competitive. Let’s invest more in hard skills, soft skills, and everything needed to conduct the reform. Be a more intelligent and contributory person.

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