You Rise Me Up

To my parent, family, ustadz, teachers, best friends, and friends,, thank you for everything. You made me to the stage where I am today. Hope Allah always gives us strength, to be and to do a good thing. Hope Allah gathers us all in His jannah later.

Thank you all,,

Democratic System

I think one of the negative side of democracy is that everything is just dictated by the owner of the resource. To put it simpler, everything is just dictated by the one who have money. There are a bunch of examples on this. Let’s see some of them.

In US, the leader seems to be hijacked to reform their public education system (such as removing the tenure system) because the teacher association support million of dollars to the democratic party in presidential election. Leaving the public education system in a miserable condition. US student rank around 25th in 30 most developed country in term of math and also rank low in science. US is losing ground in term of their primary and secondary education compared to other country, even to China, their rising rival.

Second example is in the reforming the tax system. Currently, the tax rate for the wealthy american is lower than the tax rate for the low level workers. why can’t the government increase it? Simply just because the wealthiest and big corporations donor-ed a lot of money for the political party.

So here we can see the loop hole in the democracy. the idea of free speech and transparency are very very good, but the way we elect our leader, making sure that they really serve the citizen’s interest-not the minority wealthiest-is just so hard, if not impossible.

How’s the leadership transition in Islam? According to the experience in years after Prophet Muhammad died, the one decide who will be the leader is given to several closest friends of prophet Muhammad. They are the one who are trusted by people and then they will elect one person as the leader. So to be clear, monarchy system is never prescribed by prophet Muhammad.

The bad thing about the implantation of democracy system in our head is that, we will start to think that politics is always one of our considerations in making policy proposal. As a public policy student, I am taught to always consider the political feasibility of certain policy proposal. The consideration would be, will this proposal can be accepted by the political party and the opposition? Will this proposal not undermine the image of that political party in public? etc. So we can see here, we are playing in a non-rational playing field. We policy that we implement is not the one that is best for the country, but the one that is best in the view of ruling political party.

How long this democracy system will stay and perceived good in this earth? We will never know.

We, human, will never make any law, better that law prescribed by Allah, our God. We will just try and at the end we will know that we made a mistake, then why don’t we change now?

I don’t know. Maybe we are blinded by our desires,, too arrogant to acknowledge that we’re wrong or maybe we’re too aggressive in following our wants, not our needs.


All praises belong to Allah, the one who give happiness inside human’s heart, the one who let His creature feel the happiness of smile. I would like to thank Allah and always want to be someone who is grateful to Allah. Grateful for the life He has given to me. Allah, I will always to try to make as many as people happy.

Thank you Allah,,

Woman In Islam

I just watched a very interesting documentary entitled Miss Representation. The documentary is about the perception on woman in society. In society, mostly woman are seen just based on their “body”, not on their “brain”. In the documentary it is said that around 78% of woman are unsatisfied with their body when they are 17 and the number of girls and woman who are stress has been doubled from 2000 to 2010.

The more horrifying fact is that this media (film, magazine, advertisement) are really affect girl in their growth age when they are seeking for identity. It is unquestionable why the number of woman who want to be a president or other top officials is decreasing when they are get older. They are just shown that those positions are not their destiny or in another words they are just incapable of.

I think It proved how actually Islam-who is always accused of humiliating woman right- has help woman. Islam teach that the body of woman is not for ‘public consumption’. Islam teach woman to cover their body so that they will be protected from irresponsible men or from people concern about their body look. Islam also teach woman how to behave, for example by being straight in talking, do not use sexually attractive voice, etc. to their ‘non mahram’.

There is no solution for the current problem in our society other than woman have to dress and behave properly. There is no way we can change men perception on woman as ‘sexual fulfilling doll’ if the woman do not stop to dress sexy or to be perceived sexy. We can’t deny that actually woman it self is the one who make they are un-respected. the way they dress, they way they walk or behave is most of the time in order they are looked or perceived attractive by man.

If all woman cover their body and behave properly, then automatically there will no sexy woman picture in media, then of course, the image that woman is ‘sexual fulfilling doll’ will disappear by itself.

Lintasan Pikiran_As a Muslim (I)

  • As a muslim, I want to strive to develop midlle east, sub saharan africa, and other muslim region. I want to make people who live there think that, yes, Islam is the right solution for them, that they can be prosperous with Islam. I want to make them believe with Islam teaching and not just because of economic reason, they think that the west is always the best. I think prophet Muhammad is very right, when he said that the poverty can lead to apostate (being unbeliever). That’s why solving this economic problem is quite urgent.
  • I planned to finish my master in public policy degree and then work at the IslamicDevelopment Bank to foster the development in islam majority countries.
  • right now we are seeing many unfair treatment from the west to muslim country. Start from west intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, and maybe Syria after this, and many more. I just remember what Prophet Muhammad said, “there will be one time, when muslim community is like a meat snatched by dogs”. Why that could happened? Prophet said, “Because muslim at that time, love dunya and afraid of death”. I believe that’s very true. We can see now in many muslim countries a lot of people are just fighting to get more power, more money, and more influence. Look at Saudi Arabia for instance, they don’t ashamed to practice monarchy in the holy land of muslim where prophet Muhammad never teach the use of monarchy.
  • Apart from that, I am very grateful to be a muslim, grateful for the peace inside my heart. I am so grateful to Allah who has made me as a muslim. I am very sad for my friends who are lost. Who don’t have the right thing to hold on. They just udder-ed by many things happened in life.
  • Allah, please make me die a a muslim. I do really want all my family and frinds can die as a muslim.

Lintasan Pikiran_My Country (I)

  • When most of European countries now have problem with their budget deficit, the challenge in public finance management of Indonesia is in its budget underspent. Underspent? Yes, at the end of fiscal year, Indonesia’s government have surplus in its budget. Somehow this condition is not ideal. when the government had made new debt for that fiscal year to finance its budget deficit, while at the end of the year, most of those debt aren’t used. But we still ‘ve got to pay for the interest which accounted for about 10% of annual budget. There should be reformed in government spending management, to channel the budget so that the trickle down effect of the budget can be realized.
  • However, the target to use this budget (which has grown more than 200% in the last 7 years) doesn’t mean that the quality of spending or specifically, the governance of the spending would be undermined. In the last few years, there are increasing amount of fraud in government spending. As an accountant, I would say improving government internal control system is one of the solution.
  • Besides from the preventing side (internal control system), tackling the fraud in government spending can also be done through improving in government audit (detecting side) and reforming the law enforcement (punishing side). BPK (indonesia’s supreme audit institution) have to strengthen its role and increase its findings follow up rate. Currently, I guess less than 60% of its findings have been followed up, while for GAO USA, its rate is around 80%.

Our Role for the Earth

In qur’an, there is a story when Allah was about creating human as the khalifah or leader in the earth. Allah said to the angel, “Verily, I am going to place (mankind) generations after generations on earth.”  then the angel said, “Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood, – while we glorify You with praises and thanks and sanctify You. Then Allâh said: “I know that which you do not know.”

I found this ayat (verse) as a very interesting verse. Angels already know what we’re going to do in the earth, that we will make mischief in this beautiful earth. And yes, it’s true, we polluted the water, air, and land, killed the endangered animal, cut down trees, and many other bad things.

I believed Allah definitely also already know about it. But the fact that Allah said “I know that which you do not know.”, give impresion to me that Allah trust us, as human being, to do a good thing in this earth.

I am so grateful to have a grandfather who taught me about philosophy of nature. With his kindness, he taught me about how we, as human being, have to nurture this earth, create balance in this world, do a good thing to all human being and all of Allah’s creation. He taught me to be nice to everyone, animals, plants, and everything.

With all of the technological advancement, we, human being, successfully ‘create’ a good species of plant, like a sweet mango, more rice in paddy, etc. I believe that this is a good thing and we have to keep doing it. But the fact that we polluting and destroying everything on the land, sea, and sky, we’ve got to stop it.

Yes, life is balance, require balance, and ‘ve got to be balanced. Let’s try to execute Allah’s trust to us, to govern this earth well.