Lintasan Pikiran_As a Muslim (I)

  • As a muslim, I want to strive to develop midlle east, sub saharan africa, and other muslim region. I want to make people who live there think that, yes, Islam is the right solution for them, that they can be prosperous with Islam. I want to make them believe with Islam teaching and not just because of economic reason, they think that the west is always the best. I think prophet Muhammad is very right, when he said that the poverty can lead to apostate (being unbeliever). That’s why solving this economic problem is quite urgent.
  • I planned to finish my master in public policy degree and then work at the IslamicDevelopment Bank to foster the development in islam majority countries.
  • right now we are seeing many unfair treatment from the west to muslim country. Start from west intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, and maybe Syria after this, and many more. I just remember what Prophet Muhammad said, “there will be one time, when muslim community is like a meat snatched by dogs”. Why that could happened? Prophet said, “Because muslim at that time, love dunya and afraid of death”. I believe that’s very true. We can see now in many muslim countries a lot of people are just fighting to get more power, more money, and more influence. Look at Saudi Arabia for instance, they don’t ashamed to practice monarchy in the holy land of muslim where prophet Muhammad never teach the use of monarchy.
  • Apart from that, I am very grateful to be a muslim, grateful for the peace inside my heart. I am so grateful to Allah who has made me as a muslim. I am very sad for my friends who are lost. Who don’t have the right thing to hold on. They just udder-ed by many things happened in life.
  • Allah, please make me die a a muslim. I do really want all my family and frinds can die as a muslim.

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