Woman In Islam

I just watched a very interesting documentary entitled Miss Representation. The documentary is about the perception on woman in society. In society, mostly woman are seen just based on their “body”, not on their “brain”. In the documentary it is said that around 78% of woman are unsatisfied with their body when they are 17 and the number of girls and woman who are stress has been doubled from 2000 to 2010.

The more horrifying fact is that this media (film, magazine, advertisement) are really affect girl in their growth age when they are seeking for identity. It is unquestionable why the number of woman who want to be a president or other top officials is decreasing when they are get older. They are just shown that those positions are not their destiny or in another words they are just incapable of.

I think It proved how actually Islam-who is always accused of humiliating woman right- has help woman. Islam teach that the body of woman is not for ‘public consumption’. Islam teach woman to cover their body so that they will be protected from irresponsible men or from people concern about their body look. Islam also teach woman how to behave, for example by being straight in talking, do not use sexually attractive voice, etc. to their ‘non mahram’.

There is no solution for the current problem in our society other than woman have to dress and behave properly. There is no way we can change men perception on woman as ‘sexual fulfilling doll’ if the woman do not stop to dress sexy or to be perceived sexy. We can’t deny that actually woman it self is the one who make they are un-respected. the way they dress, they way they walk or behave is most of the time in order they are looked or perceived attractive by man.

If all woman cover their body and behave properly, then automatically there will no sexy woman picture in media, then of course, the image that woman is ‘sexual fulfilling doll’ will disappear by itself.

4 thoughts on “Woman In Islam

  1. Idaman seorang akhwat adalah mendapatkan ikhwan yang sholeh….. Dan menjadikan pasangan yang harmonis sesuai dengan tuntutan hukum syara.

  2. heheeheee kenyataannya banyak kasus yang menunjukan bahwa walapun perempuan sudah berjilbab, menutupi aurat, dsb tapi dia juga riskan terhadap berbagai masalah spt KTD, violence, abuse, dll. Jd penampilan bukan jaminan, yang penting gimana hukum bs melindungi perempuan dari kejahatan dan diskriminasi. jangan hanya menintkberatkan pd penampilan perempuan harus begini dan begitu, tp ajarin juga laki-laki untuk TIDAK memperkosa hak-hak perempuan.

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