Democratic System

I think one of the negative side of democracy is that everything is just dictated by the owner of the resource. To put it simpler, everything is just dictated by the one who have money. There are a bunch of examples on this. Let’s see some of them.

In US, the leader seems to be hijacked to reform their public education system (such as removing the tenure system) because the teacher association support million of dollars to the democratic party in presidential election. Leaving the public education system in a miserable condition. US student rank around 25th in 30 most developed country in term of math and also rank low in science. US is losing ground in term of their primary and secondary education compared to other country, even to China, their rising rival.

Second example is in the reforming the tax system. Currently, the tax rate for the wealthy american is lower than the tax rate for the low level workers. why can’t the government increase it? Simply just because the wealthiest and big corporations donor-ed a lot of money for the political party.

So here we can see the loop hole in the democracy. the idea of free speech and transparency are very very good, but the way we elect our leader, making sure that they really serve the citizen’s interest-not the minority wealthiest-is just so hard, if not impossible.

How’s the leadership transition in Islam? According to the experience in years after Prophet Muhammad died, the one decide who will be the leader is given to several closest friends of prophet Muhammad. They are the one who are trusted by people and then they will elect one person as the leader. So to be clear, monarchy system is never prescribed by prophet Muhammad.

The bad thing about the implantation of democracy system in our head is that, we will start to think that politics is always one of our considerations in making policy proposal. As a public policy student, I am taught to always consider the political feasibility of certain policy proposal. The consideration would be, will this proposal can be accepted by the political party and the opposition? Will this proposal not undermine the image of that political party in public? etc. So we can see here, we are playing in a non-rational playing field. We policy that we implement is not the one that is best for the country, but the one that is best in the view of ruling political party.

How long this democracy system will stay and perceived good in this earth? We will never know.

We, human, will never make any law, better that law prescribed by Allah, our God. We will just try and at the end we will know that we made a mistake, then why don’t we change now?

I don’t know. Maybe we are blinded by our desires,, too arrogant to acknowledge that we’re wrong or maybe we’re too aggressive in following our wants, not our needs.

3 thoughts on “Democratic System

  1. “We, human, will never make any law, better than law prescribed by Allah, our God.”

    So true, Rully.. 🙂

    Up until know, I still really doubt w/ the idea of democracy itself is justifiable.
    But somehow, I have no idea how should ‘God’s law’ be established in a way that society could all accept. It may hard, but it never is impossible–

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