Ya Rabbana Lakal Hamd,,

Allah, You know everything in my heart. You know every struggle that I face. You know my self better than me.

Allah, You know that how big my dream for my familiy, my friends, my fellow country men, and people around the world. Allah, You even know that every time I saw my fellow citizen in Indonesia face difficulties, You know how bad I want to help them. Every time I interact with my friends, You know how big the dream in my heart that they can be a muslim so that our friendship can last forever, last even after the end of the day.

Allah, You know how serious I am to make my country a better country. You know how big the dream in my heart that muslim around the world can be prosperous again.

Allah, please do always help me to be someone great, beneficial, and inspiring for everyone. Allah,, You know that how dependent I am to You. You know how vulnerable I am in everything. When I am alone, the only thing that make me feel secure is You. Because I know that You are there. That You are watching me.

Allah, there is nothing I can do without your help and permission.

Allah, I promise my self to be someone that is very effective, efficient, great, smart, and can utilize time very well.

Allah, I do really really hope that I will always know and believe in You. Allah, please forgive all of mistakes. I will try my best to be someone who always remember You, feel grateful to You, and pray to You. Please help me Allah.


Ya Rabbana, lakal hamdu kama yanbagi lijali wajhika wa’adzmi shultonik,, Ya Rabbana lakal hamdu kama yanbagi li jalai wakhika wa’adzimi shultonik,, Ya Rabb,,

1 thought on “Ya Rabbana Lakal Hamd,,

  1. Reading your posts always gives such encouragement; enlightenment. Keep up your great thoughts! Indonesia should be really proud having someone like you. 🙂

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