Another Reflection on Muslim Countries

The condition of muslim countries around the world now is very terrible. High poverty, easily screwed by other (mainly western) countries, hate (not cooperating) each other and many other bad record.

This great documentary from Aljazeera:, shows us how bad the condition of iraq war is. Iraqi military and police officials have tortured hundred of thousands of Iraqi civilian itself, besides that, we are informed how US and other coalition force in Iraq had been silenced about the on going torture in Iraq.

What can we do?

The easiest and quite rational answer would be these muslim countries have to improved their education quality as well as the governance. They have to work harder and increase their productivity so that they can be more prosperous.

However that solution seems to be very very unfeasible. Many countries are still in developing or undeveloped condition is because of lack of all of the condition mentioned. There is regime in those countries who want to keep in power, abusing their own country without feeling guilty with what they are doing.

Thus, we do need people power. I am very very happy about the changes in middle east right now. It is the change and the dream that has been waiting for. Now there is change in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and hopefully also in Syiria. I do really hope that the really good people can be in power, without being sabotaged by US again, can work for the country.

What contribution that we can give? It is the old long question that I’ve asked to myself. What I can do for them. I only came up with two option. First, I can work in international development institution, especially the islamic one, like Islam development Bank, and con do many projects in those countries to help the economy and development improved. The second option is maybe I can work in Indonesia’s government, achieve top rank position and then help those countries from G to G level.

Which one is more effective? Don’t know yet, but I surely know that I have to improve my intellectual and analysis capacity, communication skill, as well as networking skill. Hopefully someday, in the near future, we can do something significant for their well being.

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