Allah SWT said in Surah Al-Ankabut: 64.


“And this worldly life is not but diversion and amusement. And indeed, the home of the Hereafter – that is the [eternal] life, if only they knew.”

In that verse Allah reminds us that the life in this world is just diversion and amusement and that the real life is the hereafter life. In many circumstances, we forget about our task and role in this earth. We forget that this life is a test from Allah. Prophet Muhammad also already said that the key causes why Muslim nowadays aren’t as good as first generation Muslim are because hubbud dunya wa karahiyatul maut; because we love this world’ life and afraid of death. We are too concern about others’ opinion on us. May Allah always reminds us this crucial thing. Allah Also said in Qur’an, “And those who strive for Us – We will surely guide them to Our ways. And indeed, Allah is with the doers of good” (29: 60). I just wanted to remind myself and all of us, let’s always be confident and not desperate in striving for a good thing. Insyaallah, as long as we do it to get Allah’s ridho, Allah will always help. SO just never give up. Do it at our best.

Again, reinforcing

I was reading a news in about a critic from a former minister on Indonesia’s public debt management. I do really know that his critic is obviously misleading. There are a lot small and unimportant thing that emerge in Indonesia’s public policy arena. Another example is the prolonged corruption case in democrat party.

When I reflect on this kind of stuff, I always think what should I do so that I can do something, be in that policy making environment to do the best thing that I can and run things as they should have been. Maybe in this very low level of understanding, I might not understand the whole impacts of any policies. However, I do believe that thing should be decided apart from personal and certain group interest.

Again, this kind of thing make me want to continue my study to PhD level as soon as possible and then get the credibility to join the talk at the national level and then can improve the government policies.

Apart from negative reviews about him, his excellency President Yudhoyono’s song below is always motivate me that we have to work professionally and keep optimistic in bringing this Indonesia become a developed country. I admire his consistency in choosing path that stabilize and direct Indonesia towards a better nation. Aku Yakin Sampai di Sana.

A good lesson that we can draw from Singapore public management is that the seriousness of the government to serve the public. Apart from the recent and rising critics from society about freedom in Singapore, I do believe that Singaporean should be grateful to have this kind of system in place, where meritocracy, pragmatism, and honesty are in place.

Realizing all of this condition, I would like to promise myself till death that I’ll always improve my competence, making sure that I am a world class public financial expert so that I can help Indonesia as the best stage that I can. I’ll always try to maximize every opportunity that can improve myself. Allah, please always help and guide me. Everything is nothing and impossible without you. If it is not for you then I will never do it. What’s the point of doing something if you don’t like it.

Allah, I’ll always remember when you said in the qur’an that the best person is the one who always advising others to do a good thing, prevent them to do the bad thing, and always believe in you. Please help me, my family, and my friends to be such person.

What I Think Indonesians Studying Abroad Should Improve

I do really always feel grateful to Allah for everything the He has given to me. The opportunity to study abroad, getting a good quality of education, as well as a pretty decent living condition. I do think that the same things are also experienced by my fellow Indonesian studying abroad.

One thing that I think should be fixed about us, Indonesian who study abroad. I do believe that we’ve got to remember that we are here because of a lot of du’a (praying) from million of indonesians. There are millions of Indonesians who pray for us, for the success of our study. They just hoped that we someday can lead them to a better life, a better Indonesia.

You know how many Indonesians are living below poverty line? As of September 2011, It’s 29.89 million people or around 12.36% of our population. And do you know how much the threshold line is? It’s only Rp243,729 per month or less than USD30 per month. For some of us, most likely USD30 is barely enough to eat for 3 days, while for them, it’s the income for the whole month, not to mention portion for electricity, school supplies, etc.

I said earlier that there’s something that we’ve got to fix in ourselves, that is our idealism. I’m just a bit disappointed by many Indonesians living abroad who I think quite irresponsibly live. I think many us just do not care with the 30 million indonesians that we talked earlier.

On the other hand, I am quite happy to know some Indonesians who I know are studying in a good university thus have a really good skill and professionalism. I dream some time that I and them can work together in a very professional way to improve indonesian’s living standard. I firmly believe that as long as there are Indonesians,  even though their number is small, who believe that they can do something for this country, we can make a better Indonesians.

So let’s get to work my friends. Let’s sharpen our skills and knowledge here. I believe we can contribute greatly together in the coming years.

Life is a Test

Do you think that this life’s deceiving? For me, somehow, yes, I think so. This life is deceiving in term of dynamics that face day to day. In Al-Qur’an, it is very clear written that we are created by Allah to pray to him. In Al-Qur’an, we also know that Syaithan sweared to Allah that they will deceive human kind as hard as they can. Now I know where the deceiving part comes from. It’s from syaithan. Syaithan will always try to mislead us from the right path. They will mislead us, all of us. Even a really good person, or maybe we call them ‘alim, the temptation from syaithan to them will be even more powerful. Thus, what should we do?

Allah has said in the Qur’an, “And seek help through patience and prayer, and indeed, it is difficult except for the humbly submissive [to Allah ]” (QS 2:45). So here we can see that they key are patience and prayer. We have to be patient with every temptation from Syaithan. Patience doesn’t mean stay the way it is, keep quite, and passive. Patience is an active attitude. Always try and try to overcome something. While prayer, I internalize this word by two thing. First by praying to Allah that He always strengthen and guide us. Second, by literally do the prayer (sholat). I personally feel so peaceful when I pray (sholat) to Allah, mainly when I do sujud to Allah.

Hope Allah always keep iman in our heart and always strengthen us. This life is not an easy journey, but it’s also not an impossible one. Ya Rabb, arinal haqqa haqqan, war zuqnat tiba’ah wa arinal batila batilan, war zuqnat tinabah. Oh my Lord, please show us the  right path and help us to follow it; Please show us the wrong path, and help us to avoid it. Ya Rabb,,


Around ten days ago, I finally turned 22 years old. Sounds like very old. Sometimes, it freaks me =). I would like to thanks Allah, as always, for everything that He has given to me.

I’m just fully recovered from three days-unusual sick that I’ve never experienced before. I just realized that, after that three days, I feel that I am  closer to Allah, I more understand how dependent I am to Allah. How Allah is everything in my life. Thank you Allah.

Last year, a lot of amazing things happened. Started with my role as advisor to FSI FEUI, which made more involved heavily in da’wah in FEUI. Then more things happened: won several essay competitions, mapres fe, mapres ui, accepted in LKYSPP with full scholarship, MTQ mahasiswa in Makassar, mapresnas, and of course graduation. Too many reasons to be grateful to Allah.

As what I did a year ago when I turned 21, I promised my self that I have to continue to work hard, improve my self, and continue contributing greatly to people around me and to Indonesia at large. I hope this year I can represent Indonesia in International forum, awarded as one of world future leader, and advising Indonesia’s government. I will also really try to finish memorizing qur’an this year.

The spirit that I have maintained, that is to be someone greatly beneficial to others, amazingly, have kept me on so far. Again, all thanks to Allah.

Lastly, for all of things that I’ve achieved so far, I would like to give tribute to mom, the extraordinary woman. The one who always pray for me. My mom, is everything for me. Mom, hope Allah will place us together and all of our family in His jannah later. I love you more than myself.

Rasulullah SAW

Whenever I remember Prophet Muhammad SAW, I do feel really sad. I feel that I really want to meet him. In today’s world, when there are a lot of temptations, confusions, and doubt, I do really need someone to hold on, someone to take example from. Whenever I remember Prophet Muhammad SAW, I am so afraid that I can’t meet him later in akhirat.

Whenever I remember Prophet Muhammad SAW, I feel ashamed. I am so ashamed to myself that I haven’t followed all of his ways and sunnah. I am so ashamed to Prophet Muhammad that I have’nt done anything to help his ummah to be a better society. I am firmly believe that Prophet Muhammad would be very sad to see his ummah’s condition. Many moslem do not practice syari’at islam, many of them don’t even believe to Allah and his Prophet anymore.

I’ll try my best to practice, spread, and introduce Islam to anyone in this world. I’ll do my best and give everything I have so that people know the truth of Islam.  I’ll try to prove Prophet Muhammad that even someone who never met him still believe and strive for his teaching. Allahumma shalli ‘ala sayyidina muhammad wa ‘ala ali sayyidina muahhamad.