Around ten days ago, I finally turned 22 years old. Sounds like very old. Sometimes, it freaks me =). I would like to thanks Allah, as always, for everything that He has given to me.

I’m just fully recovered from three days-unusual sick that I’ve never experienced before. I just realized that, after that three days, I feel that I am  closer to Allah, I more understand how dependent I am to Allah. How Allah is everything in my life. Thank you Allah.

Last year, a lot of amazing things happened. Started with my role as advisor to FSI FEUI, which made more involved heavily in da’wah in FEUI. Then more things happened: won several essay competitions, mapres fe, mapres ui, accepted in LKYSPP with full scholarship, MTQ mahasiswa in Makassar, mapresnas, and of course graduation. Too many reasons to be grateful to Allah.

As what I did a year ago when I turned 21, I promised my self that I have to continue to work hard, improve my self, and continue contributing greatly to people around me and to Indonesia at large. I hope this year I can represent Indonesia in International forum, awarded as one of world future leader, and advising Indonesia’s government. I will also really try to finish memorizing qur’an this year.

The spirit that I have maintained, that is to be someone greatly beneficial to others, amazingly, have kept me on so far. Again, all thanks to Allah.

Lastly, for all of things that I’ve achieved so far, I would like to give tribute to mom, the extraordinary woman. The one who always pray for me. My mom, is everything for me. Mom, hope Allah will place us together and all of our family in His jannah later. I love you more than myself.

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