What I Think Indonesians Studying Abroad Should Improve

I do really always feel grateful to Allah for everything the He has given to me. The opportunity to study abroad, getting a good quality of education, as well as a pretty decent living condition. I do think that the same things are also experienced by my fellow Indonesian studying abroad.

One thing that I think should be fixed about us, Indonesian who study abroad. I do believe that we’ve got to remember that we are here because of a lot of du’a (praying) from million of indonesians. There are millions of Indonesians who pray for us, for the success of our study. They just hoped that we someday can lead them to a better life, a better Indonesia.

You know how many Indonesians are living below poverty line? As of September 2011, It’s 29.89 million people or around 12.36% of our population. And do you know how much the threshold line is? It’s only Rp243,729 per month or less than USD30 per month. For some of us, most likely USD30 is barely enough to eat for 3 days, while for them, it’s the income for the whole month, not to mention portion for electricity, school supplies, etc.

I said earlier that there’s something that we’ve got to fix in ourselves, that is our idealism. I’m just a bit disappointed by many Indonesians living abroad who I think quite irresponsibly live. I think many us just do not care with the 30 million indonesians that we talked earlier.

On the other hand, I am quite happy to know some Indonesians who I know are studying in a good university thus have a really good skill and professionalism. I dream some time that I and them can work together in a very professional way to improve indonesian’s living standard. I firmly believe that as long as there are Indonesians,  even though their number is small, who believe that they can do something for this country, we can make a better Indonesians.

So let’s get to work my friends. Let’s sharpen our skills and knowledge here. I believe we can contribute greatly together in the coming years.

4 thoughts on “What I Think Indonesians Studying Abroad Should Improve

  1. Ya akhi, i also have the same dream like you to fixed the poverty in indonesia. Let’s do our best and make the dream comes true. Let’s show them,that we can lead indonesia to be a better country with Islam. 🙂
    ma’annajah! Kepp fighting!

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