Again, reinforcing

I was reading a news in about a critic from a former minister on Indonesia’s public debt management. I do really know that his critic is obviously misleading. There are a lot small and unimportant thing that emerge in Indonesia’s public policy arena. Another example is the prolonged corruption case in democrat party.

When I reflect on this kind of stuff, I always think what should I do so that I can do something, be in that policy making environment to do the best thing that I can and run things as they should have been. Maybe in this very low level of understanding, I might not understand the whole impacts of any policies. However, I do believe that thing should be decided apart from personal and certain group interest.

Again, this kind of thing make me want to continue my study to PhD level as soon as possible and then get the credibility to join the talk at the national level and then can improve the government policies.

Apart from negative reviews about him, his excellency President Yudhoyono’s song below is always motivate me that we have to work professionally and keep optimistic in bringing this Indonesia become a developed country. I admire his consistency in choosing path that stabilize and direct Indonesia towards a better nation. Aku Yakin Sampai di Sana.

A good lesson that we can draw from Singapore public management is that the seriousness of the government to serve the public. Apart from the recent and rising critics from society about freedom in Singapore, I do believe that Singaporean should be grateful to have this kind of system in place, where meritocracy, pragmatism, and honesty are in place.

Realizing all of this condition, I would like to promise myself till death that I’ll always improve my competence, making sure that I am a world class public financial expert so that I can help Indonesia as the best stage that I can. I’ll always try to maximize every opportunity that can improve myself. Allah, please always help and guide me. Everything is nothing and impossible without you. If it is not for you then I will never do it. What’s the point of doing something if you don’t like it.

Allah, I’ll always remember when you said in the qur’an that the best person is the one who always advising others to do a good thing, prevent them to do the bad thing, and always believe in you. Please help me, my family, and my friends to be such person.

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