Forest, Human’s Greed, and Youth

I think I wrote something about this topic long time ago. Since I just watched a good documentary about illegal logging, my heart just asked me to write about it again. This documentary:, talk about efforts by rain forest conservationists to protect the amazon rain forest. The conservationists are still young, they are pushed by there idealism that rain forest should be protected and that any illegal act should be held responsible. However, from the documentary, we can see that their effort was just so limited at the low level. I think they need to advocate more at the national level, to the federal government. Secondly, since they only operate at a very grass root level, they can only catch an unempowered person who were actually also forced to do illegal logging to earn living. Somehow, it’s a bit ironic to punish them.

After all, at any point of time, I feel a bit despair. It seems to be so hard to eradicate this. But then, again, I think that things are possible when the youth, the new generation really want to make a difference. A bit unfortune, I realized that, quite significant number of my qualified friends, aren’t concern about fixing this country’s or world’s problem. I personally a bit pessimistic about young people who are busy dating with their girl/boy friends. In my mind,  how can we are hoping that they will make a better thing when they do  not concern with the problems.

I just hoped that I am wrong, that it is still worthwhile to put hope on them. Again, after all, I do believe, with or without them, the change will continue to roll. Insyaallah, we’ll consistent to be in that  change maker.

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