Educate, educate, and educate!

The importance of education is felt in many areas of life. No wonder why Islam put education as a crucial aspect of religion.

Even though it seems a bit far to correlate education level with bureaucracy quality in a country, I firmly believe that it has a high correlation. Whenever we want our leader to make a change or reform towards bureaucracy which can deliver good services, we know that they will only do it if there is enough incentive to do it. One effective incentive in a ‘normal’ democracy is that the consequences of not be reelected. Public won’t reelect a leader or party who can’t deliver any good to them.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for a country like Indonesia, where democracy is practiced, but the education level of its society is relatively low. Only around 10% of Indonesia’s population get bachelor degree or higher. It is way so easy for any political parties to bribe many uneducated Indonesia, where on the other hand, the voice of the uneducated is treated the same with the voice of university professor.

In turn, the bad political party or a leader who is supposed to be punished by not being  reelected, get reelected (again). If we can’t cut this vicious cycle, then the hope a better Indonesia is quite absurd.

Thus, the effort is really is should be focused on improving nation’s education level. Only with a higher education level, the clean and ‘deliver’ bureaucracy that we want will be achieved.

Lastly, just want to say the caveat, if we are lucky enough, when we ‘suddenly’ have a leader who is clean and visionary, then we might not wait until education level become so high that we’ll get a run bureaucracy. Hopefully, somehow this happen.

3 thoughts on “Educate, educate, and educate!

  1. please do allocate ur time to listen to one lecture by ust. Arif Rif’an on kajian channel you tube (maybe hav to copy-paste the link to ur URL):

    Out of all the ‘subhanallah’ points that he stated out, one of it gives us another view that even the ‘so-called PhD professors’ is after all a dissapointment, n he also stated other points related to that, so its just not merely the act to educate but to integrate that education with iman, our nation does need a fundamental rehab – including in its curriculum –

    If we just rely to educate people with the existing curriculum.. so worrisome 😦

    well, whose job is it if not ours? 😉
    kewajiban yg ada lbh byk dr waktu yg tsedia,
    SemangKA! *Semangat Krn Allah..

    • Thanks a lot! Yap, I agree with you, Islam is the best guidance in this life. A merely ‘conventional’ education, that we have today, won’t necessarily guide us in choosing the right thing. However still, other thing being equal (sama2 beriman, dll), most likely, a well informed and educated person will make a better judgement. So yes, really need to improve our society’s education level,,

  2. oya, got part 2 as well, not sure the part i mentioned bout the professor thing is in which part, sorry 🙂 but please do allocate ur time to listen to both 🙂

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