Some Lessons

There are several lessons that I got from the past few days. Hopefully can be beneficial for us.

First, Let’s always try to think big. When we act and live our daily life, let’s always think that we are part of future leaders that can help to bring a good change to this country, to this world. In our do’a (supplication), for example, it’s juts too bad that we’re only concern about our need. Why don’t we also pray for other people, like our leader, citizens in our country, Muslim around the world, and human kind in this earth. If we don’t like some of our leaders because of their behavior, then why don’t we pray for them, maybe Allah want to change their habit.

Secondly, I really believe in this verse: O you who have believed, if you support Allah , He will support you and plant firmly your feet (QS 47:7). Let’s always try to do good deeds and invite others to do so.

Thirdly, I really think that in living this dynamic life, where many thing happen, where challenges keep coming, I am so grateful that I am a Muslim. The consciousness that Allah is there, He’s watching me and He’ll always help me, always make me confident in going through all of this. Allah, may I always be close to you.

Lastly, sangat tidak pantas rasanya bagi seorang Muslim untuk putus asa. Allah is there, He’ll always help us if we ask Him. There must always be a solution. Hanya orang yang tidak percaya pada Allah lah yang putus asa. Allah created everything, He’s the lord of this world, he created all of us. Nothing that can’t be solved if He want. Semoga kita bisa selalu ingat,  yakin, dan dekat dengan Allah.

Have a great life!


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