Finally found a book store

Alhamdulillah, I am very happy that finally I have time again to write on this blog, after what my friends called “a hell week of assignments” at school.

A few days ago, I finally have a chance to visit book store in Singapore,  more over, it’s the biggest book store in the country. It reminded me what I did in the last four to five years. I lived near a book store in Depok, almost can visit it every night. I think visiting, reading (and most unlikely buying) books at store is one thing that can make me so happy. I guest I love reading.

There are several lesson that I can get from reading that day, mainly reading Mr Lee Kuan Yew (LKY)’s book, from third world to first world country. Here are some lessons that got:

  • Mr LKY mentioned that key things that made Singapore success are the rule of law, independent judiciary, stable-competent-and honest government. I do really think those things are true. Somehow, these are exactly what Indonesia are lacking right now. Some time I think why can’t we have a rule of law in place? Are we that dumb-to not have that? Why? Somehow it’s a bit contradictory with Islam teaching. Islam teach us to be honest, obey the leader, just, etc. Why can’t we? Lack of education? Don’t want to practice religion? We’ve got to change.
  • Mr LKY also outline two key success in having a good bureaucracy. He said, we need someone who have a good personal motivation, meaning he have a strong motivation to serve the country, and there is personal reward available. In simple term, a sufficient compensation.  They are also a person that excel in their given role, discipline, hardworking, united, and efficient. He said, “we need a good man to have a good government”.
  • Mr LKY also stress the important of having a great university. The population should be educated, even we need to attract talent so that the innovation could grow. I really dream to have a great university in Indonesia. University where the academic atmosphere is really strong. I promised my self to make UI be better than NUS. I think a bot scary part of the story is that if UI, the best university that we have in Indonesia now is really really bad, then how about the other hundreds universities that we have? I met several out standing students from several Indonesian universities last year. I think they’re good. Hopefully can be a change maker in governing university later.
  • Then, equal opportunities for all and meritocracy, with the best men and women for the job, especially leaders in government.
Lastly, I would say Mr LKY is not a perfect person, many deficiencies. A lot criticism about the oppressed civil liberties, however, his achievement in bringing Singapore to be a great country should also be complimented.
On my second day visiting the book store, I met an Indonesian there. I think we talked quite long, around 1.5 hours. We talked about Indonesia’s condition which then reach the conclusion, maybe what we need is the time. We need another 20 to 30 years when the “old people” who are contaminated with orde baru “go away”. Sounds a bit sarcastic, but I do think that’s true. These old people have just too contaminated with the whole corrupt practice in the last 30 to 40 years. Besides, the reformer generation was around 20’s in 1998, which means now they are around 35. I think when they are 50 or 60 something, we’ll have Indonesia’s generation who are fully committed to reform plus a more educated young society and less contaminated with corruption. I hope that time will come soon.

In the midst huge negative atmosphere that we have in Indonesia, I think it’s worthwhile to keep the optimism. As the song below. I believe we can have a much better Indonesia. Maybe we don’t need the 20-30 years that I said above. Maybe it’ll happen soon, because of us. Wish Allah always bless us, bless our country, and guide us to His Jannah.

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