I just got back from a three days visit to Jakarta. Since I traveled in the city mostly by taxi, there are some ‘classic’ lessons that I got from the driver. What I mean by classic is something that I might already have heard but sometime forget. Here they are:

  • From the driver from Soetta Airport to Depok, this minangese old man reminded me again about the power of Allah. He reminds me that there is no need to be so stressful. When we face a problem and already think and do many things to solve it,however the problem still exist, then pray to our God. He is the one who create and decide everything. Why don’t we just ask Him to help us. If He help us, then no body can defeat us; if He abandon us, then who else can help us? So no need to be that stressful.
  • Secondly from driver from Depok to Soetta. He again reminds me about the key thing in this life, that is to pray (beribadah) to Allah. He told me a story about someone who got punishment in his grave by Allah, just two hours after she buried. Na’udzbillahi min zalik. Allah, please place us among those who are saved from ‘azab kubur dan ‘azab neraka.
  • Lastly, from changi airport to college green taxi driver. He reminds me that this life should be fun. There is no meaning when we have a lot of money but we can’t enjoy it. Everything that we do, we should have fun. If we don’t have fun on it, then maybe we should choose another thing to work on. I’ll always try to enjoy things that I do.

That’s it, hope that’s helpful. I felt like this amazing trip not only give a lot of knowledge to me (since I interviewed top level government official in Jakarta), but also a spiritual refreshment for me. Alhamdulillah,, all thanks to Allah. Hope we can always be someone that is grateful to Allah, can always remember Him, and do a good thing in His way.

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