Another Reflection

Sometimes, or quite often, I think about this life. This life is a test from Allah, to see, which one of us have a better ‘amal. We are definitely will be held responsible for everything that we’ve done in this life. Moreover, Allah mentioned repeatedly in the Qur’an that this life is just amusement and diversion, while the real and the eternal life is after our death. Thinking about this, sometimes make me want to drop anything that I currently do, concentrate more on religion study, teach religion subjects, being away from any duniawy (e.g. political, state) friction, etc.

But then, is that what Allah wants us to do? I think if many people are like that, then who will fix this messy world? Who will help the poor, weak, and disadvantaged society? Allah? For sure, but I believe His help should be channelled through human, and I believe that’s where our roles lie.

Looking back to the history, Prophet Muhammad, khalifah rasyidin, and some khalifah in bani umayyah and abbasiyah, all of them were a really good ‘abdullah (hamba Allah), and yet, also a very good leader who gave a lot benefit to the society. They transform the society, they made Islam world as the biggest power in the world for 700 years, etc. It reminds me to a training session that I attended several years ago. The trainer said, “Don’t ever contradicts things, such as, if I do this, I can’t do that. Insyaallah, everything can be done together and will result a good thing”. That time, the trainer gave example about being an academically sound student and a student activist, which later I discover being true; that it can be done alongside. Furthermore, Prophet said, the best human is the most beneficial to others, not just person who cares about himself. It’s person who gives the highest benefit to people around him.

Eventually, I conclude that, it is very possible to be someone that is close to Allah (have a lot of ‘amal,etc) and also involved in the state affairs for the good of society. Lastly, I want to share some lesson that I got from watching -my all-time favourite movie-Iron lady. Here they are:

  • First, in that movie, Margaret Thatcher, mentioned a really good quote (I believe we might already hear it) which stress the important of paying attention to our thoughts. Our Thoughts determine who we are. Thus, always think big, think holistically, don’t involve in trifling things. She said, ” Watch your thoughts, they become words; watch your words, they become actions; watch your actions, they become habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, they become your destiny”. So my friends watch your thoughts! =)
  • Secondly, she mentioned the important of being firm, brave, and all out in everything. She said, “If we have a stand, we’ll fully stand on, or not at all”. So always be determined and brave. She also kind of mentioned something that I still have a bit reservation that is about being brave, She said something like: just think that other people don’t know anything, they’re dumb, just be confident.
  • “Never run with the crowd, go on your own way”.
  • “If you want to change this party, lead it! If you want to change this country, lead it!”
  • And finally, being a good leader is about saying the unsay-able and doing the undo-able. Never do thing that is just for the sake of popularity and the next election. Do it for the good of of our country.

That’s all, may we can a lesson from it. I believe our country can be much much better, if we, those who have the aspiration for the change, want to get involved, be prepared and take the lead. Insyaallah, as long as we keep being someone close to Allah, Allah will always help us, guide us, and strengthen us. May Allah always bless us all.

5 thoughts on “Another Reflection

  1. Rully, ur postings are very very nice. But i think it will be a lot more nicer if at least u can write it first in MS word then spell n grammar check it before getting it published. I understand mybe u put the grammatical aspects in second or even last place for such an informal writing but spell n grammar check it in MS word i think can do the trick,. so u dont completely put aside the grammatical aspects yet you dont need to allocate much of your resources to it. Sometimes its quite distracting when u happen to stumble on a grammatical error while trying to obtain many benefits from ur beautiful post. Very sorry if i’m too harsh, i dont mean to offend u in the least bit. My english is also still far from perfect *i think i’ve just made several errors in this comment, :p*, but there is where our jihad lies, isnt it?

    oya, one thing that i’m still in doubt whether its correct or not is ‘sound academically student’ i think its suppose to be ‘academically sound student’ but i’m still not sure for that one, better check back. But for others i think let MS word tell u =D, again very sorry for any unpleasentness. Keep posting n hopefully i can catch up on ur achievements – soon insyaAllah – 88 days left to Ramadhan..

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