Summer Journey (Part I)

This is not the first time I go to US, but this is the first time I travel quite extensively in the US cities. There are a lot of things that I want to share with you from this two weeks journey. In this part, I just wanted to share what I see in Harvard. Yes, in harvard university, in fact, in this very moment, I type this post while enjoying cold-windy summer in harvard yard.

During my bus journey from DC to Boston, which take around 10 hours, I watched a documentary which titles something like “islam: the empire of faith”, which I insistently ask you to watch. In that amazing documentary, the brith of islam until its golden age was explain nicely. One thing that is explained there was the fact how people in europe were so amazed when they see islamic cities, such as Cordoba dan Baghdad at that time. Cordoba and Baghdad were the center of world science, where the biggst and brightest cities exist. The people are well educated, the trade, architecture, and art are reaching its peak. However, ironically, that is the thing that I feel now. Seeing Harvard, NYC, DC, etc, I feel like I am a medieval european who come to see islamic cities. I am so amazed with Harvard environment, so stunned by the ‘greatness’ of New York City (especially the breathtaking view of time square at night), etc.

I’ve taken extensive note on what made islam was the ruler of the world, while still live peacefully with its neighbour, 500 hundred years ago. I am so keen and excited to share it in the next post.

To close, let’s always strive to be better, to be more beneficial, and to lift up other people’s living standard. May we become someone who are closer to Allah, while also powerful and prosperous in this world, as Allah called as the Khalifah fil Ardh.

With a very best regards,


PS: Sorry for the short post, I’ve got to see around more =)

6 thoughts on “Summer Journey (Part I)

  1. It looks fun, please attached the picture too so we can see the great view around there. šŸ˜€
    Barakallah for the journey akh. šŸ™‚

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