Sometimes maybe we feel that we’re lost. That we’re uncertain of many things, or that whether we are on the right track in this life. I personally have experienced such thing, even quite often. If I may suggest, for myself and for you who read this post, Allah is the only way out. Perbanyak dzikrullah, dzikir pada Allah. Then also pray to Him. Just tell Allah what our problem is and where our weakness is. Insyaallah, relieve will come and Allah will show the way. This life is just so stressful if we have to bear it on ourselves, while actually we have Allah, the one who is able of doing anything. One advice from ulama that I remember: show Allah your weakness, then Allah will come to you with His greatness. Some times it’s just we the one who think that we’re so capable, that we don’t need Allah.Let’s always try to perbanyak dzikrullah, do’a, dan then tawakkal ‘alallah.

One favorite dzikir that I always try to remember: SubhanAllah, walhamdulillah, wala-ilaha illallah wallahu akbar, wala hawla wala quwwata illa-billahGlory be to Allah, All praise is to Allah, there is no god but Allah. There is no power and no strength except in Allah.

Semakin sering dibaca, insyaallah, hati akan makin tenang. Moreover, berhubung sudah bulan sya’ban, less than one month away from Ramadhan, sudah selayaknya kita warming up dalam hal dzikrullah dan ibadah sunnah lainnya.

Speaking about dzikrullah, I really think there is self reinforcing loop between dzikrullah and productivity. Semakin kita sering dzikrullah, hati dan pikiran menjadi tenang, more works and achievements can be done. Begitu juga sebaliknya, the less dzikrullah that we do, productivity akan semakin rendah, berimbas pada makin malas, and all the way round. Semoga kita dimudahkan untuk selalu dzikir pada Allah.


One more thing that I want to share: the important of efforts. Some of us may feel that things are sometimes not fair, some people have a good head start, i.e. good family background, better facility, etc. I just want to tell them, what matter most is our effort. Yes maybe we have a bit disadvantaged background, but as long as we keep trying, work harder, insyaallah we’ll catch up, or even be better. Quite often what we find in Indonesia is the contrary. Even though we know that we start with a disadvantaged start, we still do not run faster to catch up. One example is in education. I really appreciate my friends or student groups which try to give better education access to others. That’s it for now. Smg bermanfaat.

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