Reminder from nature

I agree with the interview below. There something fundamentally wrong with the way we live now. Over consumption, spiritual crisis, vested interest politicians which resulted to paralyzed leadership, etc.

One wise reminder from a taxi driver. “Work is a need, not a goal. Allah created day for us to work and night to rest and worship Him. Yet, that’s no longer being practiced now. People work day and night and never feel enough”. Once prophet Muhammad said (paraphrased), if human is given one valley of gold, he will ask for another valley.

It’s all about greedy, and more fundamentally crisis of life meaning. People should hold on the religious values, but not just any religion.  Logically, when we see many options, we should look at the latest. In this case, Islam is the one. From the three samawi religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Islam is the last one given for the human kind. It is meant as the final guidance from the almighty.

I congratulate Mrs Desi Answar for this interview.

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