Another inspiring Desi Anwar’s program

Desi Anwar’s program has always been so inspiring, including this edition: Chanee, pakar siamang. Chanee is young french man who came to Indonesia in 1998, when he was 19 years old. His passion on Siamang brought him to Indonesia even then married with locals and have two kids.

I was so touched to see his dedication, his humbleness, effort, commitment, dedication, and many other positive things. Saving Siamang (Gibbon) has always been his passion and dream. At least I learnt two things from him: first, we have to have something that we are very committed to achieve; something that we are striving for. Second, he makes me realize (again) how bad deforestation in Indonesia has been. 

I will always try to work more in my passion, and strive for it; and secondly, I do really have to have big influence or authority, so that I can help people like Chanee and many other Indonesian heroes. That time insyallah will come; many works need to be done. I hope you feel the same.

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