The joy of having a job

Today is my last day for internship. The past six weeks has been so wonderful. I learnt that we can take hikmah from something that looks very simple or ordinary. Just need to pray to Allah so that we can catch any hikmah pass by.

The project which I involved since around four months ago, the Indonesia competitiveness report, has also gave many benefits to me. I got to see my Indonesia, interact with their respective leaders, learn how to work professionally, etc. For me, it simply shows how generous Allah to me.

Last two days were the conference days, The report launching days. Even though there are many things need to be improved in the report, I think, the invited government official I think should already able to take lessons from the conference. I do really hope that they get the spirit to continuously improve the competitiveness of their region. Again, competitiveness doesn’t mean that there is one sector which all of us has to pursue, rather, competitiveness is being excellent in any field that we chose. Maluku doesn’t necessarily need to be like Jakarta (i.e. the financial center) to be a competitive province, if it can maximize its fishery potential and become excellent in it, Maluku definitely can be as competitive and as prosperous as Jakarta. I’ll post the report whenever it’s ready to be published.

Lastly, just want to make comment that there’s joy when we are working and earn our own money. I think that’s why Prophet Daud keep work and earn his living by himself even though he is a king. Prophet Muhammad also said so, I think.

Thanks a lot to Xin Yi, Estelle, Amanda, Vicky, and Meng Khin for being a nice colleague at work. Thanks for the present also =)

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