Be the best

When I was sitting on the plane from Jeddah to Singapore, an Indonesian mother who sat beside me said a simple yet deep: “I always told my children that they have to be someone knowledgeable. A knowledgeable person are respected by other people”.

When I watched Al-Jazeera investigation on what killed yasser arafat, I just reflected why Muslims are very messy nowadays. In that documentary it seems clear that Yasser Arafat was poisoned. Besides, it was so strange how can Palestinian authority didn’t ask for autopsy. Moreover, we can see that President Bush priority/message at that time was to get new leader for Palestine. I can’t imagine how can a foreigner suggested a  country to elect new leader because their current leader is sick. Why should they get involved in other countries’ affair?

The bottom line is what Prophet Muhammad said hundred years ago: there will be a time when Muslim will be like a piece of meat snatched by dogs. The sahabah/companions asked why is that so? Is that because of the few number of Muslim? The Prophet replied, no, your number is huge at that time but it like foam on the ocean. It is because you love dunya/world and afraid of death.

It seems to be a very long way to go when we can see Muslim around the world are united, have one single voice. What we’re seeing now are just Messy Syiria, poverty in many Muslim countries, occupied Palestine, etc. There are many reasons to be pessimistic, but I believe we shouldn’t be so.

Linking to my first paragraph, I think the most possible thing that we can do individually now is to build or develop our own country. I am definitely believe when Muslim countries are prosperous individually, they will be more respected. Just like a knowledgeable people who are more respected in their community. One single example is Singapore. Singapore is just a small-tiny country, yet it can have a voice in international forum. Why? Partly is because it is a success story, people are respecting it.

As the conclusion, keep doing da’wah and acquire more knowledge so that we can be a prosperous good-muslim country is the solution that I can think of at the moment.

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